What does 1 Mean in Sportybet? [EXPLAINED]

SportyBet, like many online sports betting platforms, offers a myriad of betting options to its users.

One common and crucial marker that bettors will frequently encounter is the number “1”.

This may seem cryptic to new bettors, but with some insight, it’s relatively straightforward.

Origin of “1” in Betting

The origin of using numbers to represent outcomes in sports betting dates back several years. In the world of sports betting, especially in football, three primary outcomes exist for any given match: a win for the home team, a draw, or a win for the away team.

To represent these three outcomes, bookmakers typically use “1”, “X”, and “2”, respectively.

What “1” Signifies

In the context of SportyBet and most sportsbooks:

  • 1: Represents a win for the home team.

If you place a bet on “1”, you’re essentially backing the home team to win the match. If they win, your bet is successful. If the game results in a draw or an away team win, the bet is lost.

Applying the Knowledge

Let’s take a practical example. Imagine Liverpool is playing against Manchester City at Liverpool’s home ground, Anfield. If you think Liverpool, the home team, will come out on top, you’d place your bet on “1”.

Why Bet on “1”?

There are several reasons why you might choose to bet on the home team or “1”:

  1. Home Advantage: Historically, home teams have a slight edge, potentially due to familiar surroundings, lack of travel fatigue, or the support of home fans.
  2. Team Form: The home team might be on a winning streak or have key players returning from injury.
  3. Tactical Reasons: Some teams play significantly better at home due to their tactical setup or style of play.

Risk Associated with Betting on “1”

As with all bets, there’s no guarantee of winning when you bet on “1”. Factors that might affect the outcome include unexpected injuries, red cards, or simply an off day for the home team.

Variations of “1” in Advanced Markets

As bettors become more advanced, they might delve into other markets that also use the “1” marker but with slight variations. For instance:

  • 1X: This signifies that you’re backing the home team to either win or draw. It covers two of the three possible outcomes.
  • 1&O2.5: A combined bet where you’re backing the home team to win, and you’re also predicting that the total goals in the match will be over 2.5.


The number “1” in SportyBet and other sportsbooks is a fundamental concept, representing a prediction of a home team victory.

While it appears simple, strategic considerations go into making such a bet, and understanding the context, team form, and other influencing factors can increase the odds of placing a successful wager.

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What does 1 Mean in Sportybet

FAQs: What does “1” mean in SportyBet?

1. What does the “1” stand for in SportyBet?

  • “1” represents a win for the home team in a given match.

2. Does “1” always signify the home team’s win?

  • Yes, in the traditional 1X2 betting market, “1” always stands for the home team victory.

3. What does “2” signify in contrast?

  • “2” stands for a win for the away team.

4. How about “X”?

  • “X” represents a draw between the home and away teams.

5. If I bet on “1” and the match ends in a draw, do I win?

  • No, a bet on “1” only wins if the home team wins the match.

6. Can I combine “1” with other bet types?

  • Yes, there are combined bets like “1&O2.5” where you predict a home win and total goals over 2.5.

7. Are the odds for “1” higher when the home team is weaker?

  • Yes, typically the odds reflect the perceived chances of the home team winning.

8. How are the odds determined for “1”?

  • Bookmakers set the odds based on various factors, including team form, injuries, head-to-head stats, and more.

9. Can I place a bet on both “1” and “X” for the same match?

  • Yes, this is called a double chance bet, represented as “1X”, where you win if the result is either a home win or a draw.

10. Is betting on “1” a sure win?

  • No bet is a sure win. Always gamble responsibly and never more than you can afford to lose.

11. What happens if the match is postponed?

  • Typically, the bet is voided, and the stake is returned to the bettor.

12. Do all sports use the “1” marker for home wins?

  • While many sports adopt this system, the specific interpretation might vary depending on the sport and betting platform.

13. How can I increase my chances of winning with a “1” bet?

  • Researching team form, head-to-head stats, and other relevant information can help make informed decisions.

14. Can I cash out a “1” bet before the match ends?

  • If the betting platform offers a cash-out feature, then yes.

15. Do home teams win more often?

  • Historically, home teams have had a slight edge, but outcomes vary from game to game.

16. What’s the difference between “1” and “1X”?

  • “1” is a bet on a home win only, while “1X” covers both a home win and a draw.

17. Can I place a live bet on “1” during a match?

  • Yes, if in-play or live betting is offered by the sportsbook.

18. Are there strategies specifically for “1” betting?

  • Yes, many bettors consider factors like home advantage, team form, and injuries.

19. Is the “1” option available in leagues worldwide?

  • Yes, most football/soccer leagues and tournaments around the world offer this betting option.

20. If a match is played at a neutral venue, who is considered the “home” team?

  • The team listed first or on the left is typically considered the “home” team for betting purposes.

21. Are there betting limits for “1”?

  • Betting limits depend on the sportsbook’s policies and the specific match or event.

22. Can I combine “1” bets from different matches into an accumulator?

  • Yes, many bettors place accumulator or parlay bets combining multiple “1” selections.

23. Does SportyBet offer special promotions for “1” bets?

  • Promotions vary over time, so bettors should check SportyBet’s current offers.

24. Is the payout immediate if I win a “1” bet?

  • Payout times vary by sportsbook, but winnings are typically credited shortly after the match ends.

25. Can I change my bet after placing it?

  • Typically, once a bet is placed, it cannot be altered.

26. Does SportyBet offer statistics to aid in making a “1” bet decision?

  • Yes, most sportsbooks, including SportyBet, provide statistics and insights for bettors.

27. How can I see the potential payout for my “1” bet?

  • Before placing the bet, most platforms will display potential winnings based on the stake and odds.

28. What if the match ends in extra time or penalties?

  • In most cases, bets are settled at the end of regular time unless specified otherwise.

29. Is the “1” betting option available for other sports like basketball or tennis?

  • The 1X2 market is primarily associated with football/soccer, but similar concepts exist in other sports.

30. Do odds for “1” change leading up to the match?

  • Yes, odds can fluctuate based on various factors, including team news, injuries, and market demands.

31. What does “1” mean in handicap betting?

  • In handicap betting, “1” still represents the home team, but the team starts with a set advantage or disadvantage.

32. How does SportyBet calculate odds for “1”?

  • SportyBet, like other bookmakers, uses algorithms, expert analysis, and market conditions.

33. Are there risks associated with consistently betting on “1”?

  • As with all forms of gambling, there are risks. It’s essential to bet responsibly.

34. Can I set betting limits on my account for “1” bets?

  • Most reputable sportsbooks allow players to set deposit or wagering limits for responsible gambling.

35. If the venue of a match changes, does it affect my “1” bet?

  • Usually, if the venue changes but the original home team remains the same, the bet stands. However, always check the sportsbook’s terms.

36. Can I use bonus funds to place a “1” bet?

  • Depending on the sportsbook’s bonus policy, bonus funds may or may not be used.

37. Is there a difference between betting on “1” in pre-match markets vs. live markets?

  • Live markets may have fluctuating odds based on the ongoing match events.

38. How do I know if my “1” bet has been accepted?

  • The bet will typically appear in your bet slip or bet history.

39. Can I cancel my “1” bet after placing it?

  • Generally, once a bet is placed, it cannot be canceled.

40. Are there mobile alerts or notifications for winning “1” bets?

  • Some sportsbooks offer notifications, but this varies by platform and user settings.

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