What does 1×2 Mean in Sportybet? [Explained]

When it comes to sports betting, understanding the different bet types available is crucial to enhancing your chances of winning and improving your overall betting experience.

One of the most fundamental and popular betting markets in many sportsbooks, including SportyBet, is the 1×2 bet.

Here’s a detailed exploration of what it means and how it operates.

Definition of 1×2 Betting

The 1×2 bet, also known as the three-way bet, relates primarily to sports where three possible outcomes exist. In football (soccer), which is where this bet is most commonly used, the three outcomes are:

  • 1 – Home team win
  • x – Draw
  • 2 – Away team win

The numbers 1 and 2 represent the respective teams, while the x stands for the possibility of the match ending in a draw.

Why Is It Called 1×2?

Historically, in betting coupons and platforms, the home team (the team listed first) is represented by the number 1, the draw is represented by the letter x (indicating a tie between the two teams), and the away team (the team listed second) is represented by the number 2.

How Does It Work?

When you place a 1×2 bet, you’re essentially choosing one of the three possible outcomes. Here’s a simple breakdown:

  • If you bet on 1, you’re betting on the home team to win the match.
  • If you bet on x, you’re betting that the match will end in a draw.
  • If you bet on 2, you’re betting on the away team to win.

If your prediction aligns with the actual result of the match, your bet wins.

Factors to Consider in 1×2 Betting

  • Form of the Teams: Before placing a bet, look into the recent form of both teams. Teams in a winning streak are often more confident and likely to continue their good performance.
  • Head-to-Head Statistics: Some teams have a historical edge over others, regardless of their current form.
  • Team News: Injuries, suspensions, or tactical changes can impact the performance of a team.
  • Home Advantage: Home teams tend to have better records because of the support from their fans and familiarity with their pitch.

Advantages of 1×2 Betting

  • Simplicity: It’s straightforward and perfect for both beginners and experienced punters.
  • Availability: This market is available for almost all football matches on platforms like SportyBet.
  • Predictability: With proper research, trends in team performance can be identified, making 1×2 betting more predictable than some other markets.

Limitations of 1×2 Betting

  • Odds Variability: High-profile teams playing against weaker opponents often have low odds for winning, which means lower returns.
  • Draws: Predicting draws can be challenging, making it a riskier option for many bettors.

Combining 1×2 with Other Betting Markets

While the 1×2 bet is simple, combining it with other markets can enhance potential returns.

For instance, coupling a 1×2 bet with an over/under bet can increase odds and potential winnings.


The 1×2 betting market is fundamental in football betting and is a great starting point for beginners. Like all forms of gambling, it’s essential to research, remain disciplined, and bet responsibly.

By understanding the nuances of the 1×2 market on platforms like SportyBet, bettors can make informed decisions and heighten their betting experience.

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What does 1x2 Mean in Sportybet

1×2 Betting in SportyBet: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: What is 1×2 betting? A: 1×2 betting, also known as three-way betting, involves predicting one of three possible outcomes in a match: a home team win (1), a draw (x), or an away team win (2).

2. Q: Is 1×2 betting exclusive to football? A: While it’s most commonly associated with football, it can be applied to any sport with three potential outcomes.

3. Q: Why is it termed 1×2? A: Historically, the home team is represented by 1, the draw by x, and the away team by 2 in betting platforms.

4. Q: Can I combine 1×2 bets with other bets? A: Yes, many bettors combine 1×2 bets with other markets like over/under or goal markets to enhance potential returns.

5. Q: Are odds higher for draws in 1×2 bets? A: Generally, since draws are harder to predict, they tend to have higher odds than clear outcomes.

6. Q: How are 1×2 odds calculated in SportyBet? A: Odds reflect the bookmaker’s assessment of each outcome’s likelihood, influenced by team form, head-to-head stats, and other factors.

7. Q: Can I place a live 1×2 bet during a match? A: Yes, SportyBet offers live betting, allowing you to place 1×2 bets during a match.

8. Q: How does SportyBet handle a 1×2 bet if a match is abandoned? A: Typically, if a match is abandoned, bets are voided, and stakes are returned.

9. Q: What’s the difference between 1×2 and Double Chance bets? A: While 1×2 involves betting on a single outcome, Double Chance allows you to bet on two of the three possible outcomes.

10. Q: Can I use bonuses or promotions on 1×2 bets in SportyBet? A: Yes, as long as it meets the terms and conditions of the bonus or promotion.

11. Q: What’s the maximum payout for a 1×2 bet on SportyBet? A: The maximum payout varies, so it’s advisable to check SportyBet’s terms and conditions.

12. Q: How can I improve my chances of winning a 1×2 bet? A: Researching team forms, head-to-head statistics, and being updated on team news can enhance prediction accuracy.

13. Q: Are 1×2 bets available for lower league matches on SportyBet? A: Yes, SportyBet offers 1×2 betting options for top leagues as well as many lower leagues.

14. Q: Can I cash out a 1×2 bet on SportyBet? A: Yes, SportyBet offers a cash-out feature, allowing you to close your bet before the match ends.

15. Q: Do odds change for 1×2 bets before a match? A: Yes, odds can fluctuate based on various factors like team news or market demand.

16. Q: Why are the odds for a heavy favorite team so low in 1×2? A: Odds reflect the perceived likelihood of outcomes; a heavy favorite team will have lower odds due to its higher likelihood of winning.

17. Q: Can I place a 1×2 accumulator bet on SportyBet? A: Yes, you can combine multiple 1×2 bets into an accumulator for potentially higher returns.

18. Q: How are 1×2 draws determined in sports without draws like basketball? A: In sports without natural draws, a draw might be set based on specific conditions, like a point spread.

19. Q: What happens if I mistakenly place a 1×2 bet? A: Once a bet is confirmed, it typically can’t be altered, but you might be able to use the cash-out feature, depending on the situation.

20. Q: Can I place a system bet using multiple 1×2 bets on SportyBet? A: Yes, SportyBet allows system bets, which can include multiple 1×2 predictions.

21. Q: How does SportyBet’s cash-out feature work with 1×2 bets? A: The cash-out feature lets you close your 1×2 bet early, taking a specified amount before the match result is final.

22. Q: Are there sportybet strategies specifically for 1×2 betting? A: Various strategies like hedging or using statistical analysis can be applied to 1×2 betting.

23. Q: Why do odds for away wins (2) sometimes offer higher returns? A: Home teams generally have an advantage, so away wins might be perceived as less likely, leading to higher odds.

24. Q: Does SportyBet offer tutorials or guides for 1×2 betting? A: Many online platforms provide betting guides, and SportyBet might have resources or blog posts on the topic.

25. Q: Is there a minimum stake for placing a 1×2 bet on SportyBet? A: Yes, there’s a minimum stake, which varies based on the market and event.

26. Q: Can I view past 1×2 bet results on SportyBet? A: SportyBet typically provides a history of your bets and might also have archives of match results.

27. Q: How quickly are 1×2 bet winnings credited to my SportyBet account? A: Winnings are usually credited shortly after the conclusion of the match.

28. Q: Are there any restrictions on countries for 1×2 betting on SportyBet? A: Betting restrictions can exist based on local laws. It’s best to check SportyBet’s terms and conditions.

29. Q: Can I set betting limits for 1×2 bets on my SportyBet account? A: Many online bookmakers allow setting betting limits for responsible gambling, and SportyBet likely offers similar features.

30. Q: How do extra time and penalties affect 1×2 bets in football? A: Typically, 1×2 bets in football only consider the result at the end of 90 minutes unless otherwise specified.

31. Q: Can I place a 1×2 bet on SportyBet via mobile? A: Yes, SportyBet has a mobile platform that allows you to place and monitor bets, including 1×2 bets.

32. Q: What’s the difference between full-time 1×2 and half-time 1×2 bets? A: Full-time 1×2 refers to the match’s result after 90 minutes, while half-time 1×2 relates to the result at the half-time break.

33. Q: Does SportyBet offer enhanced odds for 1×2 bets on big matches? A: Bookmakers occasionally offer enhanced odds promotions, so it’s possible on special occasions or big matches.

34. Q: Can I place an anonymous 1×2 bet on SportyBet? A: No, to bet on SportyBet, you typically need to register and provide some form of identification.

35. Q: How can I view popular 1×2 bets on SportyBet? A: Some platforms display popular bets or where the majority of punters are placing their stakes. Check SportyBet’s interface or promotions.

36. Q: What is the difference between Asian Handicap and 1×2 bets? A: While 1×2 bets involve predicting clear outcomes (win, draw, or loss), Asian Handicap levels the playing field by giving teams a goals advantage or disadvantage.

37. Q: Are there tax implications for 1×2 winnings on SportyBet? A: Taxation on gambling winnings varies by country. Always consult local regulations or a tax professional.

38. Q: Can I view the percentage of 1×2 bets placed on each outcome for a specific match on SportyBet? A: Some platforms offer such insights. Check SportyBet’s interface for market trends or statistics.

39. Q: Do 1×2 odds change during live betting on SportyBet? A: Yes, in live betting, odds are dynamic and change in real-time based on the match’s progression.

40. Q: What happens to my 1×2 bet if a match is postponed on SportyBet? A: If a match is postponed and not rescheduled within a specific time frame, most bookmakers, including SportyBet, will likely void the bet and refund the stake.

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