What does 3 Way Mean in Bet9ja Live Bet? [LEARN MORE]

The world of sports betting is brimming with an array of betting markets and options, catering to the diverse preferences of punters. Among the most universally accepted and applied markets is the 3-Way bet, especially in the context of football.

Bet9ja, as one of Nigeria’s leading bookmakers, offers this option as a staple, more so in its live betting section. Here’s a comprehensive dive into what “3-Way” means in Bet9ja’s live bet.

What is a 3-Way Bet?

A 3-Way bet, often referred to as a Full-Time Result or 1X2 bet, allows a punter to choose one of three outcomes:

  1. Home Team Win (1)
  2. Draw (X)
  3. Away Team Win (2)

When betting in-play or live, the 3-Way market remains focused on the result at the end of the game, which includes injury time but excludes extra time or penalty shootouts.

Live Betting and the Dynamics of the 3-Way Bet

The thrill of live betting is that it allows punters to place bets as the action unfolds in real-time. This dynamic approach can offer new opportunities and challenges:

  1. Odds Fluctuation: As the match progresses and events (like goals, red cards, or injuries) occur, the odds in the 3-Way market adjust accordingly. This constant flux allows for strategic bets based on the game’s flow.
  2. Reduced Time Frame: Unlike pre-match bets where you have the luxury of time and pre-game stats, live betting requires quicker decisions, sometimes within seconds, especially when it concerns the volatile 3-Way market.
  3. Cash-Out Feature: Bet9ja often provides a cash-out option in live betting, allowing punters to settle a bet before the match concludes. This is especially handy if you sense a shift in momentum that could affect your 3-Way bet.

Advantages of a 3-Way Bet in Live Betting

  1. Simplicity: The 3-Way bet remains one of the most straightforward bets, ideal for both rookies and seasoned bettors.
  2. Increased Odds: As the match progresses, especially if a lesser-favored team leads, the odds can become very favorable, providing potential value.
  3. Tactical Play: For punters who enjoy reading the game, the live 3-Way market offers an opportunity to leverage game insights and strategic moves.

Points to Consider

  1. No Tiebreakers: Remember, there’s no provision for extra time or penalties in a regular 3-Way bet, even if it’s in a knockout tournament.
  2. Stay Updated: In live betting, always ensure you have a reliable live stream or update mechanism to track real-time events.
  3. Manage Risks: The dynamic nature of live betting can sometimes encourage rash decisions. It’s crucial to have a staking plan and never chase losses.
  4. Research: While in-play, the game’s actual events are vital. Still, understanding team tendencies, coach strategies, and player forms can provide an edge even in live scenarios.


The 3-Way market in Bet9ja’s live betting offers a blend of simplicity and dynamism, making it a favorite among many.

However, like all betting markets, it requires a mix of strategy, research, and a bit of luck.

Always remember to bet responsibly and enjoy the process as much as the outcome.

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What does 3 Way Mean in Bet9ja Live Bet

FAQs: 3-Way Market in Bet9ja’s Live Betting

  1. What is a 3-Way bet in Bet9ja?
    A 3-Way bet, often known as a Full-Time Result or 1X2 bet, allows you to bet on either the home team to win, the match to end in a draw, or the away team to win.
  2. Does the 3-Way bet include extra time?
    No, the 3-Way bet considers the result at the end of regular time, including injury time but excluding extra time and penalties.
  3. How do odds fluctuate in the 3-Way live betting?
    Odds change in real-time based on the events in the match, such as goals scored, red cards, or injuries.
  4. Is the 3-Way market available for all sports on Bet9ja?
    While most prevalent in football, the 3-Way market is available for any sport where three outcomes are possible.
  5. Can I cash out on a 3-Way bet during live betting?
    Yes, Bet9ja often offers a cash-out option during live betting, allowing you to settle before the match ends.
  6. Are the odds higher in live betting than pre-match for 3-Way?
    The odds can vary based on the match’s progress. They might become higher or lower depending on the events and scoreline.
  7. What happens if a match is abandoned or postponed?
    Usually, bets are voided, and stakes are returned, but it’s essential to check Bet9ja’s specific terms and conditions.
  8. How quickly do odds change in live betting?
    Odds can change rapidly, within seconds, especially after significant events like goals.
  9. Why is the cash-out option sometimes unavailable in live betting?
    Cash-out might be temporarily unavailable during critical moments in a match or due to technical issues.
  10. Is there a delay when placing a 3-Way live bet?
    There might be a slight delay, usually a few seconds, to account for any in-game changes.
  11. Can I place a multi-bet with 3-Way selections in live betting?
    Yes, you can combine multiple live 3-Way selections into an accumulator.
  12. How do I track my 3-Way bet during a live game?
    Bet9ja provides live match updates, or you can follow via a live stream or TV broadcast.
  13. Why are some matches unavailable for 3-Way live betting?
    Availability depends on the popularity of the event and Bet9ja’s discretion.
  14. How are 3-Way odds calculated in live betting?
    Odds are determined by algorithms that consider various factors like current score, time remaining, and in-game events.
  15. Are there any strategies to win in 3-Way live betting?
    While there’s no surefire strategy, understanding team dynamics, player form, and match context can help inform bets.
  16. How do I know if my 3-Way live bet is successful?
    You can check the “My Bets” section on Bet9ja, and winning bets will be indicated.
  17. What’s the minimum stake for a 3-Way live bet on Bet9ja?
    Minimum stakes can vary; check Bet9ja’s terms and conditions for specifics.
  18. Can I edit my 3-Way bet after placing it in live betting?
    No, once a bet is placed, it cannot be edited or modified.
  19. Does Bet9ja offer statistics or insights to help with 3-Way live betting?
    Yes, Bet9ja provides live match statistics, which can assist punters in making informed decisions.
  20. Can I combine pre-match and live bets in one accumulator?
    Typically, yes, but it’s essential to check Bet9ja’s specific rules.
  21. How quickly are 3-Way live bet winnings credited to my account?
    Winnings are usually credited shortly after the match ends.
  22. What’s the maximum payout for a 3-Way live bet on Bet9ja?
    Maximum payouts can vary based on the event and other factors; refer to Bet9ja’s terms and conditions.
  23. Is there a limit to how many 3-Way live bets I can place during a match?
    There’s no specific limit, but responsible gambling practices are always encouraged.
  24. Why might a 3-Way live bet be voided?
    Bets can be voided if the match is abandoned, postponed, or if there are significant technical issues.
  25. Are draw odds typically higher than team win odds in 3-Way live betting?
    This depends on the match context, but draw odds can often be higher, especially if the game is evenly matched.
  26. Does Bet9ja offer bonuses or promotions for 3-Way live bets?
    Promotions vary; it’s best to check Bet9ja’s promotions page or contact their support.
  27. Can I use a free bet for a 3-Way live bet?
    If Bet9ja provides a free bet without restrictions, you can typically use it for 3-Way live bets.
  28. Is the 3-Way market available for e-sports on Bet9ja?
    If the e-sport in question allows for three possible outcomes, then yes.
  29. How do red cards affect 3-Way odds in live betting?
    A red card can significantly shift the odds, usually against the team with the red card.
  30. Why did the odds change after I selected but before I confirmed my bet?
    Odds in live betting are volatile and can change rapidly based on in-game events.
  31. Can I set an auto-bet for specific 3-Way odds during live betting?
    As of the last update, Bet9ja does not offer this feature, but it’s always good to check their platform for any new functionalities.
  32. How is injury time treated in 3-Way live betting?
    Injury time is included in the regular time, but extra time or penalties are excluded.
  33. Are 3-Way odds higher in live betting when a lesser-favored team is leading?
    Yes, the odds can be very favorable if an underdog is leading, especially late in the match.
  34. What other markets complement the 3-Way in live betting?
    Over/Under goals, Both Teams to Score, and Correct Score are some markets that punters often use alongside 3-Way.
  35. Does Bet9ja suspend 3-Way betting during key moments in the match?
    Yes, betting can be temporarily suspended after significant events like goals.

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