What does Bookings Mean in Sportybet? [Secret Shared]

Online sports betting has seen significant growth over the years, with platforms like SportyBet expanding their betting markets to offer users a plethora of options.

One of the intriguing and strategic markets available on SportyBet is the “Bookings” or “Cards” market.

In this article, we’ll delve deep into understanding what bookings mean in the context of SportyBet and how bettors can leverage this knowledge.

The Basics: What Are Bookings?

Bookings in football (or soccer, depending on where you’re from) refer to the yellow and red cards that referees give to players for various infringements during a game.

These cards serve as warnings (yellow) or ejections (red) to players who commit fouls deemed severe or dangerous.

Booking Points System:

SportyBet, like many other betting platforms, often uses a booking points system. Typically, the points are allocated as follows:

  • Yellow Card: 10 points
  • Red Card: 25 points
  • Two Yellow Cards leading to a Red Card: 35 points (10 for the first yellow, 10 for the second yellow, and 15 for the red)

Common Booking Markets on SportyBet:

a) Total Booking Points: Here, you bet on the total booking points in a match. For instance, over/under 30 booking points. b) First Card: Bet on which team will receive the first card. c) Last Card: Wager on which team will get the last card of the match. d) Specific Player Booking: Bet on whether a particular player will get booked during the match.

Strategies and Tips for Booking Bets:

  • Research is Vital: Look into team histories, focusing on games that are traditionally heated or have a rivalry element.
  • Consider the Referee: Some referees are more card-happy than others. Researching a referee’s history can give insights.
  • Key Players: Some players have a knack for getting into the referee’s book often. Identifying these players can help in individual player booking bets.

Benefits of Betting on Bookings:

  • Predictability: With the right research, bookings can be more predictable than other bet types.
  • Increased Engagement: Betting on bookings keeps you engaged throughout the match, as any moment could lead to a card.

Things to Remember:

  • Rule Variations: Ensure you’re clear on the rules and point systems used by SportyBet. Some platforms might have variations.
  • Live Betting: Bookings markets can change rapidly, especially in live betting scenarios. Stay updated.

SportyBet’s Unique Features:

SportyBet might offer special promotions, enhanced odds, or unique markets related to bookings during major tournaments or high-profile matches. Always check their platform for the latest offerings.


The bookings market in SportyBet presents an alternative and exciting avenue for bettors to engage with the game. With the right strategy, research, and understanding, it can prove to be a rewarding experience.

As always, bet responsibly and enjoy the added dimension this market brings to your football watching experience.

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What does Bookings Mean in Sportybet

FAQs: Bookings in SportyBet

1. Q: What are bookings in SportyBet? A: Bookings refer to the yellow and red cards given during a football match. SportyBet offers a market where you can bet on various card-related outcomes.

2. Q: How many points is a yellow card worth in SportyBet’s booking points system? A: A yellow card is typically worth 10 points.

3. Q: And a red card? A: A red card is generally valued at 25 points.

4. Q: If a player gets two yellow cards and subsequently a red card, how is that calculated? A: It amounts to 35 points: 10 for the first yellow, 10 for the second, and 15 for the red.

5. Q: Can I bet on a specific player getting a card? A: Yes, SportyBet often offers markets on individual player bookings.

6. Q: How do I find the bookings market on SportyBet? A: It’s usually listed under the specific match markets, labeled as ‘Bookings’ or ‘Cards’.

7. Q: Can I place a live bet on bookings? A: Yes, SportyBet offers live betting options, including those for bookings.

8. Q: Are booking bets available for all football matches? A: While popular in most matches, the availability can vary based on the prominence of the match and league.

9. Q: What happens if I bet on a player to get booked and they don’t play? A: Typically, the bet is voided, and your stake is returned.

10. Q: Can I combine booking bets with other markets in an accumulator? A: Yes, you can mix booking bets with other markets in an accumulator on SportyBet.

11. Q: How can I research effectively for booking bets? A: Look into team histories, player behaviors, and the assigned referee’s track record.

12. Q: Do booking bets apply to other sports as well? A: While primarily associated with football, some betting platforms may offer similar markets for other sports. Always check SportyBet’s offerings.

13. Q: Why are booking points used? A: Booking points provide a quantifiable way to bet on the card outcomes of a match.

14. Q: Are the booking rules the same across all betting platforms? A: Each platform may have variations, so always familiarize yourself with SportyBet’s specific rules.

15. Q: Can I cash out early on a booking bet? A: Depending on the situation and the game’s progress, SportyBet may offer a cash-out option for booking bets.

16. Q: Are odds higher for booking markets compared to others? A: Odds vary based on many factors, but booking markets can sometimes offer attractive odds due to their unpredictable nature.

17. Q: What happens if a game has no bookings at all? A: If you bet on a specific booking outcome, that bet would lose. However, if you bet on ‘no bookings in a match’, you would win.

18. Q: Can a game have more than 100 booking points? A: Yes, if multiple players get yellow or red cards, the total points can exceed 100.

19. Q: How are bookings in extra time treated? A: Unless specified, most bets pertain to the regular 90-minute game. Always check SportyBet’s terms.

20. Q: Can a manager’s booking count towards my bet? A: Typically, only player bookings are counted, but always check the specific bet description.

21. Q: Can I place a bet on which team will get more booking points? A: Yes, SportyBet often provides markets for team-based booking points.

22. Q: Is betting on bookings riskier than other markets? A: All betting involves risk, but bookings can be unpredictable. Proper research can, however, increase your chances of winning.

23. Q: What’s the most common type of booking bet? A: Total booking points (e.g., over/under a certain number) is a common type.

24. Q: How quickly are booking bets settled? A: They’re usually settled shortly after the match ends.

25. Q: Can VAR decisions affect my booking bet? A: Yes, if VAR reverses a card decision, it will impact the booking points.

26. Q: Do bookings in friendly matches count? A: If SportyBet offers markets for friendly matches, then yes, the bookings count.

27. Q: Can I bet on a red card being given in a match? A: Yes, specific card outcome bets are often available.

28. Q: How does SportyBet determine the odds for booking points? A: Odds are determined based on various factors, including team histories, player tendencies, and match significance.

29. Q: Can bookings in penalty shootouts count towards the booking points? A: Typically, only cards during regular and extra time are counted. Always check the terms.

30. Q: Can I place a bet on no cards being shown in a match? A: Yes, this market is often available under the ‘Bookings’ category.

31. Q: What happens to my bet if a player receives a card after the final whistle? A: It depends on SportyBet’s terms and conditions. Some count it; some don’t.

32. Q: Are there booking markets for other football tournaments like the World Cup? A: Yes, major tournaments often have a wider range of betting markets, including bookings.

33. Q: Can I bet on a player receiving two yellow cards? A: While specific, this kind of market might occasionally be available, especially for well-known players with such tendencies.

34. Q: Are there limits to the amount I can stake on booking bets? A: Betting limits vary, but each market on SportyBet will specify any stake limits.

35. Q: Is there an option to bet on both teams’ combined booking points? A: Yes, combined team booking points are a common market.

36. Q: Can I see stats related to bookings on SportyBet? A: SportyBet might offer stats on previous matches, which can include booking data.

37. Q: Does SportyBet offer special promotions on booking bets? A: Promotions vary, but during major matches or tournaments, special offers might be available.

38. Q: Are booking bets available in SportyBet’s virtual football? A: Virtual sports have predefined outcomes and might not always offer specific markets like bookings.

39. Q: Why wasn’t my winning booking bet credited? A: Ensure the match has concluded and check SportyBet’s terms. If issues persist, contact their customer support.

40. Q: Can I request a specific booking bet if it’s not listed? A: While some platforms offer request-a-bet features, it’s best to check with SportyBet directly.

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