What does DNB Mean in Bet9ja? [Learn More]

The world of sports betting is rife with jargon and terminologies, which can sometimes be overwhelming for both beginners and seasoned bettors.

One such term, which holds significant importance in the betting landscape, is ‘DNB’ or ‘Draw No Bet.’

Here’s a comprehensive guide on what DNB means in the context of Bet9ja, one of Nigeria’s leading betting platforms.

What is DNB (Draw No Bet)?

‘Draw No Bet’ is a betting option offered by many sportsbooks, including Bet9ja.

When a bettor chooses this option, they are essentially taking the possibility of a draw out of the equation.

In simple terms, if the event you’ve bet on ends in a draw, your stake is returned to you, and you neither win nor lose.

Why Choose DNB?

  1. Safety Net: DNB is seen as a safer betting option, especially in closely contested matches where the outcome can go either way. It’s a form of insurance against the unpredictability of sports.
  2. Better Odds than Double Chance: While it might seem similar to the ‘Double Chance’ bet, the odds in DNB are generally better because it covers only two outcomes instead of three.
  3. Simplicity: For those new to betting, DNB offers a simple and straightforward way to place a bet without the added complexity of other betting markets.

How Does DNB Work in Bet9ja?

In Bet9ja, if you place a DNB bet on a team and that team wins, you’ll get a return based on the odds provided.

If the match ends in a draw, your stake is returned to you. However, if the team you bet on loses, you lose your bet.

For example, let’s say you’ve bet ₦1000 on Team A with a DNB option at odds of 2.0. If Team A wins, you’ll receive ₦2000. If it’s a draw, you’ll get your ₦1000 back. If Team A loses, you lose your stake.

When to Opt for DNB?

  1. Tight Matches: In games where teams are evenly matched, and the outcome is hard to predict, DNB can be a prudent choice.
  2. Important Games: During high-stakes games like finals or decisive league matches where teams might adopt a cautious approach, the chances of a draw are higher.
  3. Backing the Underdog: If you have a hunch that the underdog might pull off an upset but are wary of the risk, DNB provides a middle ground.

Limitations of DNB

  1. Lower Odds: Compared to regular 1X2 markets, the odds in DNB are lower since you’re effectively removing one outcome.
  2. No Returns for Draws: In games with a high probability of a draw, the DNB might not be the best choice, especially if the odds for a draw in the regular markets are lucrative.


DNB or Draw No Bet is a strategic tool in a bettor’s arsenal, particularly when navigating unpredictable matches.

While it might offer lower potential returns compared to other markets, its safety net feature, especially on platforms like Bet9ja, makes it a popular choice for many.

As with any betting strategy, understanding the teams, their form, and the context of the match is crucial to making informed decisions.

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What does DNB Mean in Bet9ja

DNB (Draw No Bet) in Bet9ja: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does DNB stand for in Bet9ja?

  • DNB stands for “Draw No Bet.”

2. How does a DNB bet work?

  • If you place a DNB bet and the match ends in a draw, your stake is returned. If the team you bet on wins, you win the bet. If the team loses, you lose the bet.

3. Are DNB odds higher than regular odds?

  • Typically, DNB odds are lower than regular 1X2 betting odds since the risk is reduced.

4. Is DNB the same as Double Chance?

  • No, while both offer a form of safety, Double Chance covers two potential outcomes, whereas DNB covers one outcome with the safety of a stake return on a draw.

5. Can I use DNB for all sports on Bet9ja?

  • DNB is primarily used for team sports where a draw is a possible result, like football.

6. Why would I choose DNB over a regular bet?

  • DNB offers a safety net by returning your stake if the match ends in a draw.

7. Do all bookmakers offer DNB?

  • While DNB is popular, not all bookmakers offer it. Bet9ja is among those that do.

8. Is the stake always returned on a draw in DNB?

  • Yes, that’s the essence of a DNB bet.

9. What happens to a DNB bet if the match is postponed or canceled?

  • Typically, the bet would be voided, and the stake returned, but always check Bet9ja’s specific terms.

10. How are the odds for DNB calculated?

  • Odds are calculated based on team performance metrics, historical data, and other factors but without the draw outcome.

11. Can I combine DNB with other betting markets?

  • Yes, you can combine it in an accumulator or multiple bet with other markets.

12. Are there any sports where DNB doesn’t make sense?

  • Sports without the possibility of a draw, like tennis, wouldn’t have a DNB option.

13. Can I place a live bet using DNB on Bet9ja?

  • Yes, Bet9ja offers DNB as an option for live betting.

14. How is DNB different from a “No Draw” bet?

  • A “No Draw” bet means you’re betting that the match won’t end in a draw, whereas DNB gives you a refund if it does.

15. Why are DNB odds generally better than Double Chance?

  • DNB covers only one win outcome with stake refund on a draw, whereas Double Chance covers two win outcomes, making it less risky.

16. How can I see DNB odds on Bet9ja?

  • When looking at available bets for a match, DNB should be listed among the betting options.

17. Is DNB a good option for high-stakes games?

  • Yes, especially in matches where a draw is likely due to the cautious nature of decisive games.

18. What’s the maximum stake I can place on a DNB bet in Bet9ja?

  • This would depend on Bet9ja’s set limits and can vary.

19. Are there any specific strategies for DNB betting?

  • Many bettors use DNB in tight matches or when backing underdogs in potentially unpredictable fixtures.

20. Does Bet9ja offer DNB promotions or bonuses?

  • Promotions can vary over time. It’s best to check Bet9ja’s official promotions page.

21. If a game ends 0-0, does my DNB bet win?

  • No, the game has ended in a draw. Your stake would be returned.

22. Can I cash out a DNB bet on Bet9ja?

  • If cash out is available for that particular bet, then yes.

23. How quickly is the stake returned on a DNB draw result?

  • Typically, it’s processed shortly after the match concludes.

24. Can I place a DNB bet on a team to lose?

  • No, DNB only covers a team to win with stake protection on a draw.

25. What’s the minimum stake for a DNB bet on Bet9ja?

  • This depends on Bet9ja’s set limits. Check their terms and conditions.

26. Do any other betting terms correlate closely with DNB?

  • Asian Handicap betting can sometimes offer similar stake protection in certain scenarios.

27. Can I place a system bet involving DNB selections?

  • Yes, DNB can be part of system bets on Bet9ja.

28. If I place a DNB bet in an accumulator, and that game draws, what happens?

  • That particular selection is treated as void, but the accumulator continues with the remaining games.

29. Why doesn’t tennis offer DNB?

  • Tennis matches don’t have the possibility of a draw.

30. Can I modify my DNB bet after placing it?

  • Typically, once a bet is placed, it can’t be modified. However, you can use the cash-out feature if available.

31. How does DNB work in sports with two-way outcomes like basketball?

  • DNB wouldn’t typically apply to sports like basketball where draws aren’t common.

32. Is DNB available for virtual sports on Bet9ja?

  • Availability can vary, but DNB is primarily designed for real sports with draw outcomes.

33. What happens if a match goes into extra time or penalties?

  • DNB usually applies to regular time. Always check Bet9ja’s specific terms for clarity.

34. Can I use bonus funds to place a DNB bet?

  • This depends on Bet9ja’s bonus terms and conditions at the time.

35. If a game is abandoned and not replayed, what happens to my DNB bet?

  • Typically, the bet is voided, and the stake is returned.

36. Can I set a DNB bet to auto-rebet on Bet9ja?

  • Bet9ja’s platform features can change, but usually, specific bet types can’t be set to auto-rebet.

37. How does DNB work with Asian Handicap betting?

  • While both can offer stake protection, they operate differently. DNB simply returns the stake on a draw, whereas Asian Handicap adjusts the final score.

38. Are there taxes on DNB winning bets?

  • This depends on local regulations and Bet9ja’s terms.

39. How does DNB affect the potential payout of an accumulator?

  • If a match in the accumulator ends in a draw, that selection is voided, potentially reducing the overall odds.

40. Is DNB available on all football leagues on Bet9ja?

  • While widely available, there might be exceptions, so always check the specific league and match options.

Note: Betting always comes with risks. It’s essential to understand each betting type, research teams and players, and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

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