What does DNB Mean in Sportybet? [EXPLAINED]

As the sports betting industry continues to evolve, so do the types of bets that can be placed. The array of betting options can sometimes be overwhelming, particularly for newcomers.

One term that has gained significant traction is “DNB” or “Draw No Bet.” Here’s an in-depth look at what “DNB” means on the SportyBet platform.


In the world of sports betting, being armed with knowledge about different bet types can be a significant advantage.

SportyBet, like many top betting platforms, offers a plethora of options. Among these is the DNB or Draw No Bet.

What is DNB (Draw No Bet)?

At its core, DNB is a betting option that removes the possibility of a draw from the bet. In other words, you bet on either Team A or Team B to win.

If your chosen team wins, you win the bet.

If the game ends in a draw, your stake is returned, i.e., you neither win nor lose.

Why Choose DNB?

1. Safety Net: DNB is particularly popular because it acts as a safety net. It’s suitable for games where you believe there’s a high chance of a draw or where you’re uncertain about picking a clear winner.

2. Reducing Risks: In matches where teams are evenly matched, the DNB option can be a way to reduce the risk of losing your stake.

3. Better Odds than Double Chance: While DNB might offer lower odds than regular 1X2 bets, they often provide better odds than Double Chance bets since there’s only one favorable outcome rather than two.

DNB in Action

Let’s consider a practical example:

You believe Team A will beat Team B, but you also think there’s a chance it might end in a draw. So, you decide to place a $10 DNB bet on Team A.

Possible outcomes:

  1. Team A Wins: Your bet is successful, and you receive a payout based on the odds.
  2. Team B Wins: You lose your bet.
  3. Draw: The match ends in a tie. You neither win nor lose, and your $10 stake is returned.

How to Place a DNB Bet on SportyBet

  1. Navigate to the SportyBet website or app.
  2. Choose the sporting event you wish to bet on.
  3. Look for the “DNB” or “Draw No Bet” market.
  4. Select the team you believe will win.
  5. Enter your stake and confirm the bet.

DNB vs. Other Betting Options

  • Double Chance: While DNB removes the draw option, Double Chance allows you to back two of the three possible outcomes (e.g., Team A win or draw).
  • 1X2: This is the traditional form of betting where you can back either team to win or the game to end in a draw.


DNB, or Draw No Bet, is an attractive option for bettors looking for a middle ground between potential profitability and risk mitigation.

By understanding how DNB works on platforms like SportyBet, you can make more informed decisions and tailor your betting strategies effectively.

Always remember to gamble responsibly and ensure that you’re familiar with all the terms and conditions before placing your bets.

What does DNB Mean in Sportybet

FAQs: DNB (Draw No Bet) in SportyBet

  1. What does DNB stand for in SportyBet?
    • DNB stands for “Draw No Bet.”
  2. How does a DNB bet work?
    • With DNB, you bet on either team to win. If it’s a draw, your stake is returned.
  3. Is DNB available for all sports on SportyBet?
    • DNB is commonly available for sports where draws are possible, primarily football (soccer). It might not be available for every match or sport.
  4. Does DNB offer better odds than traditional betting?
    • Generally, DNB odds are lower than standard 1X2 bets but often higher than Double Chance bets.
  5. Can I combine DNB bets with other bet types in an accumulator?
    • Yes, DNB selections can typically be added to accumulators with other bet types.
  6. What happens to my DNB bet if the match is postponed?
    • Typically, if a match is postponed, the bet is voided, and the stake is returned, but always check SportyBet’s specific terms.
  7. Can I cash out early on a DNB bet?
    • The availability of the cash-out feature depends on the specific game and timing. SportyBet might offer this option for certain events.
  8. Why choose DNB over Double Chance?
    • DNB offers a safety net for draws, often with better odds than Double Chance.
  9. Can I place a live bet with DNB on SportyBet?
    • Yes, if SportyBet offers live betting for that particular match and the DNB option.
  10. How is DNB different from “Draw No Bet” in other sportsbooks?
  • The basic concept remains the same, but always review specific terms and conditions per sportsbook.
  1. Is DNB available for major football leagues?
  • Yes, DNB is typically available for major football leagues on SportyBet.
  1. Are the stakes always returned on a draw with DNB?
  • Yes, for a DNB bet, if the result is a draw, the stake is returned.
  1. How quickly is the stake returned if the match ends in a draw?
  • It’s usually returned shortly after the match conclusion, but processing times can vary.
  1. Can I place a DNB bet on a tournament winner?
  • DNB is usually for individual matches, not for tournament outcomes.
  1. Do any bonuses apply to DNB bets on SportyBet?
  • Bonuses vary by promotion. Check SportyBet’s promotions page for details.
  1. Is there a maximum stake for DNB bets?
  • Stake limits can vary based on events and markets. Refer to SportyBet’s terms.
  1. Why can’t I see DNB as an option for a particular match?
  • DNB might not be offered for every match, especially if a draw is unlikely.
  1. What’s the advantage of DNB over standard bets?
  • DNB offers a safety cushion against draws, ensuring a stake return in that case.
  1. Does SportyBet offer DNB for virtual sports?
  • This might vary, but typically virtual sports have different betting markets.
  1. How do odds for DNB compare to traditional 1X2 betting?
  • DNB odds are generally in between 1X2 and Double Chance odds.
  1. Can I modify my DNB bet after placing it?
  • Once a bet is placed on SportyBet, it usually can’t be modified.
  1. Can I cancel my DNB bet?
  • Once placed, bets typically cannot be canceled. Always review SportyBet’s betting rules.
  1. Is DNB available for sports other than football on SportyBet?
  • While predominantly for football, DNB might occasionally appear in other sports.
  1. Why might a punter prefer DNB to other betting options?
  • DNB offers a balance between risk and potential return, especially in tightly contested matches.
  1. How do I identify DNB options in the SportyBet interface?
  • Look for “DNB” or “Draw No Bet” in the list of betting markets for a game.
  1. If a match ends in penalties, how is a DNB bet treated?
  • For betting purposes, DNB usually considers the result at the end of regular or extra time, not penalties.
  1. What happens to my DNB bet if a game is abandoned?
  • Most often, the bet would be voided and the stake returned. Check SportyBet’s rules.
  1. Can I set up an auto-bet feature using DNB on SportyBet?
  • Auto-bet features vary by platform. Refer to SportyBet for specific functionalities.
  1. Is DNB available in SportyBet’s mobile app?
  • Yes, the DNB feature is available on both the SportyBet website and mobile app.
  1. Does SportyBet offer tutorials on how to place a DNB bet?
  • While there might not be a specific DNB tutorial, their help section often covers popular bet types.
  1. How is the payout calculated for a successful DNB bet?
  • Payout = Stake x Odds (provided the team you backed wins).
  1. Can I use bonus funds to place a DNB bet on SportyBet?
  • This depends on the terms of the bonus. Some bonuses might not be applicable for certain bet types.
  1. Are there any specific strategies for DNB betting on SportyBet?
  • Strategies vary by punter, but many use DNB in games where a draw is a strong possibility.
  1. How long has DNB been available on SportyBet?
  • It’s hard to pinpoint an exact timeline, but DNB has become standard across many sportsbooks over the years.
  1. Can I place multi-bets combining several DNB selections?
  • Yes, DNB selections can typically be combined in accumulators.
  1. Why are DNB odds for some matches significantly lower than others?
  • Odds reflect perceived probabilities. If a draw seems unlikely, DNB odds might be lower.
  1. Do DNB odds fluctuate leading up to a match?
  • Like all odds, DNB odds can fluctuate based on various factors like team news or betting volumes.
  1. Can I place a DNB bet during halftime on SportyBet?
  • If SportyBet offers halftime betting for a particular match, DNB could be an option.
  1. Does SportyBet offer any DNB specials or promotions?
  • Promotions vary over time. Always check the promotions section on SportyBet for current offers.
  1. Is DNB the same across all bookmakers?
  • The concept remains consistent, but always review the terms and conditions of each bookmaker.

Always ensure you refer to the official SportyBet platform or consult their customer support for the most accurate and current information.

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