What Does Document Number Mean in 22bet? [Learn More]

In the rapidly evolving world of online gambling, ensuring user security and verifying the identity of players is paramount for online platforms like 22Bet.

One method of identity verification that often comes up for users of the platform is providing a “document number.” This article delves into what exactly this means on 22Bet.

1. The Importance of Identity Verification

Online betting platforms, like 22Bet, are legally obliged to confirm the identity of their users.

This is not only to adhere to international anti-money laundering regulations but also to ensure a safe and secure gambling environment.

Verifying the age and the authenticity of a user’s identity can prevent fraudulent activities and underaged gambling.

2. What is a “Document Number”?

A document number refers to a unique set of characters (can be numbers, letters, or both) on an official identification document.

On 22Bet, when you’re asked for a document number, it typically refers to the number on a government-issued ID – this could be a passport, driver’s license, or any other official identification document that the platform accepts.

3. Why Does 22Bet Require My Document Number?

There are several reasons why 22Bet may request your document number:

  • Age Verification: 22Bet, adhering to global gambling regulations, must ensure that all its users are above the legal age to participate in gambling activities.
  • Identity Confirmation: To prevent fraudulent activities, 22Bet needs to confirm that you are who you claim to be. By cross-referencing your ID’s document number with the details you’ve provided, they can confirm your identity.
  • Account Recovery: In instances where you may have forgotten your login details or have been locked out of your account, your document number can assist in swift account recovery.

4. How is My Data Protected on 22Bet?

User skepticism towards sharing personal details online, especially on gambling platforms, is understandable.

22Bet employs state-of-the-art encryption technologies to ensure all data shared on the platform is secure.

Additionally, the platform operates under strict data protection regulations, ensuring that user details aren’t shared with third parties without explicit consent.

5. Other Methods of Verification on 22Bet:

While the document number is a primary means of verification, 22Bet might sometimes require additional proof of identity, like a photograph of you holding the ID, a utility bill for address verification, or even bank statements in some cases.

6. What if My Document Doesn’t Have a “Document Number”?

Not all identification documents might have a clearly labeled “document number.” In such cases, 22Bet’s customer support can guide users on which number to provide.

If an ID truly doesn’t have a document number, the platform might request an alternative form of identification.

7. How Long Does the Verification Process Take?

While the time may vary depending on several factors, including the volume of verification requests 22Bet is handling at a given time, users can typically expect their details to be verified within a few days.

It’s always a good idea to complete this process proactively, rather than waiting until you want to make a withdrawal, to avoid potential delays.


Understanding the importance and procedure of identity verification, and specifically what “document number” means in this context, is crucial for smooth and secure gameplay on 22Bet.

While it might seem cumbersome to provide personal details, remember that these measures are in place to ensure your safety and to create a trustworthy online gambling environment.

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What Does Document Number Mean in 22bet

FAQs: “Document Number” in 22Bet

1. What is a “document number” on 22Bet?
A: A document number refers to the unique identifier found on a government-issued ID, such as a passport or driver’s license.

2. Why does 22Bet require my document number?
A: It’s mainly for identity and age verification to ensure user security and adhere to international gambling regulations.

3. Which IDs can I use to provide a document number?
A: Typically, passports, driver’s licenses, or other government-issued identification documents are acceptable.

4. Is it safe to provide my document number to 22Bet?
A: Yes, 22Bet uses encryption technologies to ensure the safety of user data.

5. How long does the verification process take after providing my document number?
A: Usually, the verification process takes a few days, but it can vary.

6. I don’t see a “document number” on my ID. What do I do?
A: Contact 22Bet’s customer support; they’ll guide you on the appropriate number to provide or ask for an alternative ID.

7. Will 22Bet share my document number with third parties?
A: No, 22Bet operates under strict data protection regulations and doesn’t share user data without explicit consent.

8. What happens if I provide the wrong document number?
A: If the number doesn’t match with the submitted ID, 22Bet will likely ask you to re-submit the correct information.

9. Can I change the document number on my 22Bet account once it’s set?
A: For security reasons, changes to primary verification details are restricted. Contact customer support for assistance.

10. Can I withdraw my winnings without providing a document number?
A: Most likely no, as verification is a crucial step before making withdrawals.

11. Why can’t I use just my username and password for verification?
A: Usernames and passwords can be compromised. Document numbers add an extra layer of security.

12. What other details might 22Bet ask for during verification?
A: They might ask for a photograph with your ID, a utility bill, or bank statements.

13. I’m locked out of my account after providing my document number. What should I do?
A: Contact 22Bet’s customer support immediately.

14. Can I register without providing a document number?
A: You can register, but verification will be necessary before you can engage in certain activities like making withdrawals.

15. How often do I need to provide my document number?
A: Once your account is verified, you shouldn’t need to provide it again unless there are security concerns.

16. Does 22Bet store my document number permanently?
A: 22Bet will retain verification details as long as your account is active, in line with data protection regulations.

17. Are there any fees for the verification process?
A: No, the verification process is free.

18. I lost my ID. Can I provide another document number?
A: Yes, but you’ll need to go through the verification process again with the new ID.

19. Is the verification process different for VIP members?
A: The fundamental process is the same, but VIP members might experience expedited service.

20. I’ve been a member for years. Why am I being asked for my document number now?
A: Periodic re-verifications are standard to ensure continued security.

21. Can I use a digital version of my ID?
A: As long as it’s clear and legible, digital versions are typically acceptable.

22. What languages does the 22Bet support team speak for verification help?
A: 22Bet offers support in multiple languages. Check their website for specific languages offered.

23. Can I close my account if I don’t want to provide a document number?
A: Yes, you can request account closure at any time.

24. Why is the document number required and not other details?
A: The document number is a unique identifier, making it a reliable method for verification.

25. Can I use someone else’s ID for verification?
A: No, the ID must belong to the account holder.

26. I provided my document number, but my account is still not verified. Why?
A: There might be issues with the provided data or delays in the verification process. Contact support for clarity.

27. Can I use an expired ID for verification?
A: No, the ID should be valid and current.

28. Do all online betting platforms require a document number?
A: Most regulated platforms will require some form of ID verification, though the specifics may vary.

29. What do I do if my document number is compromised?
A: Inform 22Bet immediately and consider reporting to relevant authorities.

30. Will I get a notification once my document number is verified?
A: Yes, 22Bet typically notifies users after successful verification.

31. Can I deposit funds without verification?
A: Yes, but withdrawals might be restricted until verification is complete.

32. Does the document number requirement apply to mobile users?
A: Yes, the requirement is consistent across all platforms.

33. I have accounts on other betting platforms. Can I use the same verification details?
A: While the ID remains the same, you’ll need to undergo verification for each platform separately.

34. Does 22Bet need a document number for cryptocurrency transactions?
A: Yes, ID verification is platform-wide, irrespective of payment method.

35. Is there a helpline I can call for verification issues?
A: Check 22Bet’s “Contact Us” page for their current customer service options.

36. Are there any countries exempt from the document number requirement?
A: No, the requirement is consistent for users from all countries.

37. What’s the difference between a document number and an account number?
A: A document number is on your ID, while an account number pertains to your specific 22Bet account.

38. Can I use a temporary or provisional ID for verification?
A: It’s best to use a permanent, government-issued ID. Check with 22Bet’s support for specifics.

39. Why do some of my friends get verified faster?
A: Verification times can vary based on the volume of requests or the clarity of submitted documents.

40. Do I need to re-verify if I change my payment method on 22Bet?
A: Not typically, but 22Bet may ask for additional verification in certain cases.

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