What does Flexible Mean in Sportybet? [EXPLAINED]

SportyBet is a popular online betting platform where users can place bets on various sports, including football, basketball, tennis, and more.

One of the features that has intrigued many bettors on this platform is the term ‘flexible’.

In the context of betting, particularly with accumulators or multiple bets, being ‘flexible’ can provide bettors with more options and potentially increase the chances of a return on their stake.

Let’s dive deeper into what ‘flexible’ means in SportyBet.

1. Basics of Betting on SportyBet

Before delving into the ‘flexible’ feature, it’s essential to understand the basics of placing bets on SportyBet.

An accumulator, often referred to as an ‘Acca’, is a single bet that links together two or more individual wagers for a high payout.

The benefit is that the potential return is higher since the odds of each bet are multiplied. However, for an accumulator to be successful, all the bets within it need to win.

The ‘Flexible’ Feature: An Overview

The ‘flexible’ feature in SportyBet allows bettors to get a return on their accumulator bets even if not all selections win.

It provides an avenue to ‘flex’ the number of selections that need to be correct to receive a payout.

It’s a way to safeguard your bet, giving you a buffer against unexpected outcomes.

How Does ‘Flexible’ Work?

  • Selection: When placing an accumulator bet, a bettor can choose multiple games. With the ‘flexible’ feature, the bettor decides how many of these selections need to be correct to get a payout.
  • Flexibility in Outcomes: If you’ve selected five games in your accumulator and chosen to be flexible on two games, it means that even if two of your predictions are wrong, you still stand a chance to get a return on your bet.
  • Payouts: It’s crucial to note that using the ‘flexible’ feature might reduce the potential maximum payout. The more ‘flex’ you allow on your selections, the lower the possible returns. However, it also means increasing the chances of getting a return.

Advantages of Using ‘Flexible’ in SportyBet

  • Increased Chances: The most obvious benefit is that it increases the likelihood of a return. Unexpected results are common in sports, and this feature provides a safety net.
  • Strategic Betting: Bettors can strategically decide which games they feel least confident about and ‘flex’ on those selections.
  • Reduced Risk: While the potential return may be lower, the reduced risk might appeal to cautious bettors.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Cost: Using the ‘flexible’ feature might cost slightly more than a regular accumulator bet.
  • Returns: As mentioned, while you increase your chances of a return, the potential maximum payout may be lower.
  • Availability: The ‘flexible’ feature might not be available for all sports or events. It’s always good to check the terms and conditions or any other platform-specific guidelines.


SportyBet’s ‘flexible’ feature offers a unique twist to the traditional accumulator betting system.

By providing bettors with an option to safeguard against unexpected results, it brings a blend of strategy and caution into the betting experience.

As with any betting feature or strategy, it’s essential to understand it fully, weigh the pros and cons, and bet responsibly.

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what does flexible mean in sportybet

FAQs: What does ‘Flex’ mean in SportyBet?

1. Q: What is SportyBet? A: SportyBet is a popular online betting platform where users can place bets on various sports, including football, basketball, tennis, and more.

2. Q: What does ‘flexible’ refer to in SportyBet? A: The ‘flexible’ feature in SportyBet allows bettors to get a return on their accumulator bets even if not all their selections win.

3. Q: How does the ‘flexible’ feature benefit bettors? A: The feature provides bettors with increased chances of a return by offering flexibility in the number of correct selections needed for a payout.

4. Q: Does using ‘flexible’ impact potential payouts? A: Yes, while it increases the likelihood of a return, the potential maximum payout may be lower compared to a standard accumulator.

5. Q: Can I decide how many games I want to be ‘flexible’ on? A: Yes, you can select which and how many games you want flexibility on when placing your accumulator bet.

6. Q: Does using the ‘flexible’ feature cost more? A: Using the ‘flexible’ feature might slightly increase the cost compared to a regular accumulator bet.

7. Q: Is the ‘flexible’ feature available for all sports on SportyBet? A: While widely available, it’s best to check the platform’s guidelines as the ‘flexible’ feature might not be applicable to all sports or events.

8. Q: Can I combine the ‘flexible’ feature with other betting options on SportyBet? A: The ‘flexible’ feature is specifically designed for accumulator bets. Check SportyBet’s terms and conditions for combinations with other betting options.

9. Q: Do other betting platforms offer a feature like ‘flexible’? A: While the ‘flexible’ feature is unique to SportyBet, other platforms might have similar features with different names.

10. Q: Does the ‘flexible’ feature guarantee a return on my bet? A: No, it increases the chances of a return but does not guarantee it.

11. Q: How many games can I include in a ‘flexible’ accumulator bet? A: The number varies, but it’s best to check SportyBet’s specific guidelines for detailed information.

12. Q: Will the odds change if I use the ‘flexible’ feature? A: The overall potential payout may decrease, reflecting the increased chances of winning.

13. Q: How do I activate the ‘flexible’ feature when placing a bet? A: When placing an accumulator bet, there should be an option or checkbox to make the bet ‘flexible’.

14. Q: Can I change my mind after placing a ‘flexible’ bet? A: Typically, once a bet is placed, it cannot be altered. Always review your selections before finalizing.

15. Q: Why can’t I see the ‘flexible’ option for a specific game? A: Some games or events might not support the ‘flexible’ feature. Always refer to the platform’s guidelines.

16. Q: Does the ‘flexible’ feature affect the minimum stake? A: The minimum stake remains consistent, but the overall stake might be slightly higher when using the ‘flexible’ feature.

17. Q: Can I use bonuses or promotions with the ‘flexible’ feature? A: This depends on the terms and conditions of the specific bonus or promotion.

18. Q: What happens if one of my ‘flexible’ selections is voided or canceled? A: Typically, that selection is removed from the accumulator, and the bet is recalculated without it.

19. Q: Is there a maximum limit to how flexible I can be on an accumulator bet? A: Yes, there’s a limit to how many games you can choose to be ‘flexible’ on. The specifics can be found on SportyBet’s platform.

20. Q: Does SportyBet offer tutorials or guides on how to use the ‘flexible’ feature? A: Most betting platforms provide tutorials or FAQs on their features. It’s recommended to check SportyBet’s official website or support section.

21. Q: Can I cash out early on a ‘flexible’ bet? A: The availability of cash out depends on the terms of SportyBet and the specific bet, not necessarily on the ‘flexible’ feature.

22. Q: Is the ‘flexible’ feature available in the SportyBet mobile app? A: Yes, the mobile app should offer the same betting features as the desktop version, including ‘flexible’.

23. Q: Can I mix ‘flexible’ and non-flexible games in one accumulator? A: The ‘flexible’ feature applies to the entire accumulator, so all selections within would be affected.

24. Q: How is the potential return calculated for a ‘flexible’ accumulator bet? A: The potential return considers the odds of the selected games and the flexibility chosen, resulting in a modified potential payout.

25. Q: Can I track the progress of my ‘flexible’ accumulator bet on SportyBet? A: Yes, you can track all active bets, including those using the ‘flexible’ feature, in your betting history or active bets section.

26. Q: Why would I choose not to use the ‘flexible’ feature? A: Some bettors might prefer the higher potential return of a standard accumulator, accepting the increased risk.

27. Q: Do I have to use the ‘flexible’ feature for all my accumulator bets? A: No, it’s an optional feature. You decide when to use it.

28. Q: How do I know how much I’ve won using a ‘flexible’ bet? A: After all games in the accumulator conclude, the winnings, if any, will be reflected in your SportyBet account balance.

29. Q: Does using the ‘flexible’ feature change the betting experience? A: It provides an additional strategic element to accumulator betting, allowing for a balance between risk and potential return.

30. Q: Are there any hidden fees or charges when using the ‘flexible’ feature? A: While there aren’t hidden fees, using the feature may slightly increase the stake. Always check the final stake before placing a bet.

31. Q: Can I set the ‘flexible’ feature as a default for all my bets? A: The ‘flexible’ feature needs to be selected for each individual accumulator bet you place.

32. Q: How has the ‘flexible’ feature been received by bettors on SportyBet? A: The feature has been popular as it offers a strategic safeguard against unexpected outcomes in accumulator bets.

33. Q: Do I need to verify my SportyBet account to use the ‘flexible’ feature? A: Account verification is usually needed for withdrawals and other features but not specifically for using ‘flexible’.

34. Q: Can I see a history of all my ‘flexible’ bets? A: Yes, all bets, including ‘flexible’ ones, should appear in your betting history on SportyBet.

35. Q: Are there any limitations to using the ‘flexible’ feature during major sporting events? A: Unless specified by SportyBet, the ‘flexible’ feature should be consistently available.

36. Q: Is the ‘flexible’ feature exclusive to SportyBet? A: While the name and exact implementation might be unique to SportyBet, similar features can exist on other platforms.

37. Q: How do refunds work with ‘flexible’ bets if a game is postponed? A: Typically, the postponed game would be treated as void, and the accumulator is recalculated without it.

38. Q: Do the terms and conditions for ‘flexible’ bets change often? A: Betting platforms may update terms and conditions periodically. It’s always good to review them when placing bets.

39. Q: Can I use the ‘flexible’ feature for live in-play betting? A: This depends on SportyBet’s terms and offerings. Typically, it’s designed for pre-match accumulator bets.

40. Q: Where can I get more information about the ‘flexible’ feature on SportyBet? A: For detailed information and guidelines, it’s best to refer to SportyBet’s official website or contact their customer support.

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