What Does GG Mean in Bet9ja? [EXPLAINED]

Bet9ja, one of the leading sports betting platforms in Nigeria, offers a plethora of betting options to its users.

One of the popular betting markets on this platform is the “GG” bet, also known as “BTTS” in some sportsbooks.

This article delves into the details of the “GG” bet to provide a clear understanding for both novice and experienced bettors.

What is the “GG” Bet in Bet9ja?

“GG” stands for “Goal-Goal”. In the context of football (soccer) betting, it means that both teams will score at least one goal during the match.

Essentially, if you place a “GG” bet, you are betting that both the home team and the away team will find the back of the net during the game’s 90 minutes (plus added time).

How Does It Work?

  1. Placing the Bet: When you’re on Bet9ja, and you’ve chosen a particular football match, you’ll have the option to select “GG” from the available betting markets. By selecting this, you’re predicting that both teams will score.
  2. Outcome: If both teams score within regular time (90 minutes and injury time), the bet is won. If one or both teams fail to score, the bet is lost.

Advantages of the “GG” Bet

  1. Simplicity: It’s a straightforward bet. You’re not concerned about who wins or the number of goals scored, just that both teams score.
  2. Excitement: The “GG” bet keeps the excitement alive throughout the game. Even if one team is leading by a significant margin, as long as the other team scores, the bet can still be successful.
  3. Statistical Backing: With the right research, you can identify high-scoring teams or matches that historically see both teams scoring, thus increasing your chances of a successful bet.

GG vs. NG

Alongside the “GG” market, Bet9ja also offers the “NG” option, standing for “No Goal”. If you bet on “NG”, you’re predicting that at least one of the teams won’t score during the match.

Factors to Consider Before Placing a “GG” Bet

  1. Team Form: Teams in good form are more likely to score. Check the recent performances of both teams.
  2. Head-to-Head Statistics: Some teams have a history of high-scoring encounters. Researching past matches can provide insights.
  3. Injuries and Suspensions: The absence of key players, especially attacking ones, can influence a team’s likelihood to score.
  4. Tactical Setup: Some coaches adopt a defensive approach in certain games, which can reduce scoring chances.
  5. Match Importance: In crucial games, teams might play more cautiously, affecting the likelihood of both teams scoring.


The “GG” bet in Bet9ja offers a unique betting angle, focusing purely on the goal-scoring abilities of both teams. While it simplifies the betting process, success still requires research and strategy.

As always, it’s essential to gamble responsibly and see betting as a form of entertainment rather than a guaranteed income source.

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What Does GG Mean in Bet9ja

FAQs: Understanding the “GG” Bet in Bet9ja

  1. What does “GG” stand for in Bet9ja?
    • “GG” stands for “Goal-Goal,” indicating that both teams will score at least one goal in the match.
  2. Is “GG” the same as “BTTS”?
    • Yes, “GG” is the same as “BTTS”, which stands for “Both Teams To Score.”
  3. What happens if only one team scores?
    • If only one team scores, the “GG” bet is lost.
  4. What is the opposite of “GG”?
    • The opposite of “GG” is “NG,” meaning “No Goal” or that at least one team will not score.
  5. Can I combine a “GG” bet with other betting options?
    • Yes, you can combine “GG” with other betting markets in an accumulator.
  6. Does extra time count for “GG” bets?
    • No, only goals scored within the regular 90 minutes and injury time count.
  7. Do penalty shoot-outs count towards a “GG” bet?
    • No, goals scored in penalty shoot-outs are not considered in “GG” bets.
  8. How can I increase my chances of winning a “GG” bet?
    • Researching team form, head-to-head statistics, and checking for injuries or suspensions can help.
  9. Are odds higher for “GG” or “NG” bets?
    • Odds vary based on the match and the perceived likelihood of both teams scoring.
  10. Can I place a “GG” bet on any football match on Bet9ja?
    • Yes, as long as the match offers the “GG” betting market.
  11. Does Bet9ja offer “GG” bets for other sports besides football?
    • “GG” is primarily a football betting market.
  12. How quickly are “GG” bet outcomes settled?
    • Outcomes are typically settled shortly after the match concludes.
  13. Do own goals count in “GG” bets?
    • Yes, own goals are counted as goals scored.
  14. Can I cash out early on a “GG” bet?
    • Depending on Bet9ja’s cash-out feature’s availability, you might be able to cash out early.
  15. Is “GG” a popular betting market in Bet9ja?
    • Yes, due to its simplicity, “GG” is a popular choice among bettors.
  16. Does the number of goals scored matter in a “GG” bet?
    • No, as long as both teams score at least once.
  17. Can I place a live bet on the “GG” market during a match?
    • Yes, if Bet9ja offers live betting for that match, you can place a “GG” bet.
  18. Is there a strategy specific to “GG” betting?
    • Strategies include researching team statistics, recent form, and player availability.
  19. What happens if a match is abandoned or postponed?
    • Typically, the bet is voided and the stake refunded.
  20. Can I place a “GG” bet on lower league matches?
    • Yes, as long as Bet9ja offers the market for that particular match.
  21. Do red cards affect “GG” bets?
    • While red cards don’t directly affect the bet, they can influence the match, possibly reducing the likelihood of both teams scoring.
  22. Is there a deadline to place a “GG” bet?
    • The deadline is usually the match’s kickoff time.
  23. How do I find the “GG” market on Bet9ja?
    • After selecting a match, browse the available betting markets to find “GG”.
  24. Do away goals have special significance in “GG” bets?
    • No, it doesn’t matter which team scores, as long as both do.
  25. Can I view statistics on Bet9ja to help with my “GG” bet?
    • Bet9ja may offer some statistics, but for detailed insights, it’s best to consult dedicated sports statistics websites.
  26. How do I know if I’ve won my “GG” bet?
    • Once the match ends and both teams have scored, your bet slip will reflect a win.
  27. Is “GG” the same across all betting platforms?
    • While the concept is universal, some platforms might use “BTTS” or another term.
  28. Does the match’s location (home or away) affect the likelihood of a “GG” outcome?
    • Some teams perform differently at home vs. away, so it’s essential to consider this factor.
  29. Can I set up an auto-bet feature for “GG” on multiple matches?
    • While you can place accumulator bets, auto-bet features would depend on the platform’s capabilities.
  30. How is the payout calculated for a winning “GG” bet?
    • Payouts are based on the odds provided at the time the bet was placed.
  31. Can I cancel my “GG” bet after placing it?
    • Typically, once a bet is placed, it cannot be canceled.
  32. What’s the difference between “GG” and “Over 1.5” bets?
    • “GG” requires both teams to score, while “Over 1.5” simply needs two or more total goals, regardless of the teams.
  33. Do all football leagues support “GG” bets on Bet9ja?
    • Most major leagues and matches will support “GG” bets.
  34. Are there any restrictions on the amount I can stake on a “GG” bet?
    • Stake restrictions would be based on Bet9ja’s terms and conditions.
  35. Do “GG” odds fluctuate often?
    • Odds can change based on various factors, including team news, form, and general betting patterns.
  36. If a match ends 0-0, is the “GG” bet lost?
    • Yes, since neither team scored.
  37. Do goals scored in injury time count for “GG” bets?
    • Yes, any goal scored within the 90-minute timeframe counts.
  38. Is there a maximum number of matches I can select for a “GG” accumulator bet?
    • Bet9ja may have limits on accumulator selections, so it’s best to check their specific terms.
  39. What’s the most significant win ever recorded on a “GG” bet on Bet9ja?
    • Specific win amounts are not publicly disclosed, so this information might not be readily available.
  40. Where can I learn more about Bet9ja’s specific rules for “GG” bets?
    • Bet9ja’s official website or support channels would provide detailed rules and guidelines.

Remember, while betting can be enjoyable, it’s crucial to gamble responsibly and only with money you’re prepared to lose.

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