What Does Handicap Mean in Bet9ja? [SEE HERE]

Betting on sports events has given rise to various strategies and betting options, with handicap betting being one of the more intriguing ones.

In the world of Bet9ja, one of Nigeria’s premier betting platforms, understanding handicap betting can provide an edge to seasoned punters.

This article will delve into the intricacies of handicap betting within the Bet9ja platform.

What is Handicap Betting?

Handicap betting, often simply called “handicapping,” is a betting system where one team (usually the underdog) is given a “head start” in terms of goals or points.

This process levels the playing field, especially in matches where there’s a clear favorite and underdog. The handicaps are usually expressed as whole numbers or half numbers.

Types of Handicaps in Bet9ja

  1. Level Handicap: Both teams are perceived to have equal chances of winning, so no handicap bias is given.
  2. Single Handicap: One team is perceived to be at a disadvantage, so they are given a head start. For example, if Team A has a handicap of +1, they start the game with a one-goal advantage.
  3. Split Handicap: When the perceived difference between the two teams is minimal, the handicap might be split. For instance, a +0.5 & +1 handicap means half the stake is placed on +0.5 and the other half on +1.

How Does It Work?

Let’s assume Chelsea is playing against Fulham, and Chelsea is the clear favorite. A typical handicap might look like this:

  • Chelsea (-1)
  • Fulham (+1)

If you place a bet on Chelsea to win with a -1 handicap, Chelsea would need to win by more than one goal (i.e., a two-goal margin or more) for your bet to be successful. Conversely, a bet on Fulham with a +1 handicap would win if the match is a draw, or Fulham wins or loses by just one goal.

Why Choose Handicap Betting?

1. Better Odds: Since handicap betting balances the playing field, it often offers better odds than standard 1X2 betting.

2. Increased Excitement: It can make a one-sided game more thrilling, as the favorite needs to overcome the handicap.

3. Wider Betting Opportunities: You can bet on underdogs without necessarily needing them to win outright.

Things to Consider

1. Team News: Always check for any injuries, suspensions, or team news that might affect the game’s outcome.

2. Recent Form: Teams in good form might easily overcome handicaps, while out-of-form teams might struggle.

3. Understand the Handicap: Ensure you fully understand the terms of the handicap bet to avoid any surprises.

4. Historical Data: Check how teams have performed against similar opponents or in similar situations in the past.

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What Does Handicap Mean in Bet9ja


Handicap betting in Bet9ja offers an exciting dimension to traditional sports betting, allowing punters to capitalize on their understanding of teams and games.

While it introduces new strategic elements, it’s crucial to approach it with knowledge and research to increase your chances of success. As with all forms of gambling, always bet responsibly.

1. What is handicap betting in Bet9ja? Handicap betting in Bet9ja is a system where one team is given a “head start” in terms of goals or points to level the playing field.

2. Why is handicap betting used? It’s used to balance the odds when there’s a clear favorite and underdog in a match.

3. What is a level handicap? A level handicap occurs when both teams are perceived to have equal chances of winning. No handicap is given.

4. How does a single handicap work? One team gets a head start, either in goals or points, to balance the odds.

5. Can you give an example of a single handicap? Yes, if Team A has a handicap of +1, it means they start the game with a one-goal advantage.

6. What is a split handicap? It’s when the handicap is divided between two values, like +0.5 & +1, splitting the stake between them.

7. How are winnings calculated in handicap betting? Winnings are calculated based on the final score, including the handicap.

8. Is handicap betting only for soccer? No, it’s available for many sports, including basketball, rugby, and tennis.

9. How is a -1 handicap different from a +1 handicap? A -1 handicap means the team must win by more than one goal, while a +1 means the team can draw or lose by one goal and still win the bet.

10. Can I combine handicap bets with other betting types on Bet9ja? Yes, you can combine them in an accumulator or multi-bet.

11. Why might the odds be higher in handicap betting? Because it offers a way to get better odds on a favorite by giving them a handicap.

12. Do all matches on Bet9ja have handicap betting options? Not all, but most major matches and leagues will offer handicap betting.

13. What happens if the match ends in a tie after considering the handicap? For most handicap bets, a tie results in a returned stake, known as a “push.”

14. What’s the difference between European and Asian handicap? European handicap uses whole numbers, while Asian can use half or quarter points to reduce the chance of a draw.

15. Does Bet9ja offer both European and Asian handicaps? Yes, Bet9ja offers both types, but availability may vary based on the event.

16. What does a 0 handicap mean? A 0 handicap means both teams start with no advantage. If the match ends in a draw, stakes are returned.

17. How do I place a handicap bet on Bet9ja? Choose your match, select the ‘handicap’ option, and place your bet.

18. Can I cash out early on a handicap bet in Bet9ja? Yes, if the cash-out option is available for that match.

19. How do I research for handicap betting? Look at team news, recent form, historical data, and other relevant factors.

20. Can I change my handicap bet after placing it? No, once a bet is placed on Bet9ja, it cannot be altered.

21. How are handicap values determined? They’re set by bookmakers based on team strengths, form, and other factors.

22. Is handicap betting risky? All betting involves risk, but understanding handicap betting can help informed decisions.

23. Can a handicap be a decimal value? Yes, especially in Asian handicaps. Examples include +0.5, +1.25, etc.

24. What does a +2 handicap mean? It means the team starts with a two-goal or point advantage.

25. Are there handicap bets for individual players? Yes, in some sports like tennis or basketball, handicaps might apply to player performances.

26. Can you do live handicap betting on Bet9ja? Yes, Bet9ja offers live betting, including handicap options.

27. Do odds change during live handicap betting? Yes, odds can fluctuate based on the game’s progress.

28. Why would someone choose handicap betting over regular betting? For better odds, increased excitement, and wider betting opportunities.

29. Are there any specific strategies for handicap betting? Strategies vary, but research, understanding team dynamics, and staying updated with team news can help.

30. How is handicap different from outright betting? Outright betting is on the overall winner, while handicap considers a points/goal advantage or deficit.

31. Can I place a handicap bet on a tournament’s overall winner? It’s less common but possible, especially in point-based tournaments.

32. Why are there negative handicaps? To give an advantage to the underdog and challenge the favorite.

33. What’s the maximum handicap that can be given? It varies by sport and match but can be significant in very mismatched games.

34. Is there a difference between home and away handicaps? No, the handicap is given to the team, irrespective of being home or away.

35. Does Bet9ja offer special promotions on handicap bets? Promotions vary, so it’s best to check Bet9ja’s current offers.

36. Can I place a double handicap bet? Yes, in some matches, you can bet on two different handicap scenarios.

37. Do handicap bets apply to extra time or penalties? Typically, they apply to regular time unless otherwise stated.

38. What happens if a player is sent off? Does the handicap change? The handicap remains the same, but the event can influence the game’s outcome.

39. How do I know if my handicap bet was successful? Check the match’s final score, including the handicap, and compare with your bet.

40. Can I use bonus funds to place a handicap bet on Bet9ja? It depends on Bet9ja’s terms and conditions for the bonus in question.

With the ever-growing popularity of sports betting and platforms like Bet9ja, understanding the nuances of options like handicap betting can significantly enhance your betting experience. Always remember to gamble responsibly.

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