What does over 1.5 Mean in Sportybet? [EXPLAINED]

SportyBet, like many online betting platforms, offers a variety of betting options to its users.

Among the numerous choices available, the ‘Over/Under’ betting market is popular for both novice and experienced betters.

One commonly encountered option in this category is the ‘Over 1.5’ bet. But what does it mean, and how can you use it to your advantage? Let’s dive in.

What is the Over/Under Market?

Before we delve into the specifics of ‘Over 1.5’, it’s essential to understand the broader category it falls under: the Over/Under market.

In this betting type, bookmakers predict a number for a statistic in a game (it could be goals, corners, points, etc.), and punters bet whether the actual number will be higher (over) or lower (under) than the prediction.

Decoding ‘Over 1.5’

In the context of football (soccer), which is what most people associate with SportyBet, ‘Over 1.5’ pertains to the total number of goals scored in a match.

  • ‘Over 1.5’ means that you are betting on the combined goal total of both teams to be more than 1.5. In practical terms, this means you’re betting that the match will have at least 2 goals.

Why Bet on Over 1.5?

  1. Fewer Outcomes to Consider: Unlike the 1X2 market where there are three possible outcomes (home win, draw, or away win), with Over 1.5, you are only considering the possibility of goals, making it a binary outcome – either the match finishes with 2 or more goals, or it doesn’t.
  2. Consistency: Some teams are known for their attacking style, which often leads to higher-scoring games. Researching such trends can increase the odds of a successful ‘Over 1.5’ bet.
  3. Excitement: Betting on goals means you’re not favoring any side. Every goal, regardless of the team that scores, takes you closer to winning your bet.

Things to Consider Before Placing an Over 1.5 Bet:

  1. Team Form: Always check the recent form of the teams playing. Teams in good form are more likely to score goals.
  2. Head-to-Head Statistics: Some teams, due to rivalry or playing styles, tend to have high-scoring matches when they face off.
  3. Injuries/Suspensions: Missing key players, especially attacking ones, can affect a team’s goal-scoring ability.
  4. Tactics: Some coaches are known for defensive tactics, which could mean fewer goals. Be wary of betting Over 1.5 in such matches.


While ‘Over 1.5’ might seem like a straightforward bet, it requires careful consideration and research.

However, with its binary nature and the thrill of cheering for goals, it remains a favorite for many.

As always, remember to bet responsibly and see betting as a form of entertainment rather than a guaranteed way to make money.

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What does over 1.5 Mean in Sportybet?

FAQs on “Over 1.5” in SportyBet

  1. What does ‘Over 1.5’ mean in SportyBet?
    • It means you’re betting that the combined goal total of both teams in a soccer match will be more than 1.5, essentially 2 goals or more.
  2. Is ‘Over 1.5’ only applicable to soccer?
    • While most commonly associated with soccer, the Over/Under betting market can be found in various sports. The specifics (e.g., goals, points, runs) would differ based on the sport.
  3. Can I win an ‘Over 1.5’ bet if only one team scores all the goals?
    • Yes. It’s the combined total that matters, not which team scores.
  4. How is ‘Over 1.5’ different from ‘Under 1.5’?
    • ‘Under 1.5’ means you’re betting that the match will have 1 or 0 goals in total.
  5. Is ‘Over 1.5’ a full-time or half-time bet?
    • Unless specified, it’s typically a full-time bet. However, there are half-time Over/Under bets available too.
  6. What happens if the match ends with exactly 1.5 goals?
    • In soccer, it’s impossible to score half a goal, so this scenario won’t occur.
  7. How do I research to place an ‘Over 1.5’ bet?
    • Look into team forms, head-to-head statistics, injuries, and tactical setups.
  8. Are the odds for ‘Over 1.5’ usually high?
    • It depends on the match and teams playing, but ‘Over 1.5’ odds are generally lower than ‘Over 2.5’ or ‘Over 3.5’ because they’re seen as more likely.
  9. Can I combine ‘Over 1.5’ with other bet types?
    • Yes, you can include it in an accumulator or parlay with other bets.
  10. Does extra time in a match count for my ‘Over 1.5’ bet?
  • Unless specified, only goals in regular time (90 minutes + injury time) count.
  1. Is ‘Over 1.5’ the same as ‘Goal Goal’ or ‘Both Teams to Score’?
  • No. ‘Over 1.5’ just requires two goals, regardless of which team scores. ‘Both Teams to Score’ requires each team to score at least once.
  1. Can I place live bets on the ‘Over 1.5’ market?
  • Yes, many platforms, including SportyBet, offer live betting on this market.
  1. How quickly are ‘Over 1.5’ bets settled?
  • They’re typically settled quickly after the match ends.
  1. Can I cash out an ‘Over 1.5’ bet?
  • Depending on the platform and the game’s current situation, cash out options might be available.
  1. Why do some matches have very low odds for ‘Over 1.5’?
  • If two high-scoring teams are playing, the odds reflect the perceived high likelihood of multiple goals.
  1. Is there an ‘Over 1.5’ market for corners or cards?
  • Yes, many betting platforms offer Over/Under markets for other match events like corners or cards.
  1. Does SportyBet offer tips or predictions for ‘Over 1.5’?
  • While they provide statistics, making informed betting decisions remains the punter’s responsibility.
  1. Are there strategies specific to ‘Over 1.5’ betting?
  • Yes, many punters develop strategies based on team research, league trends, and other factors.
  1. What’s the difference between ‘Over 1.5’ and ‘Over 1’?
  • ‘Over 1’ would mean that if exactly 1 goal is scored, the bet is refunded (or becomes a “push”).
  1. How can I increase my chances of winning an ‘Over 1.5’ bet?
  • Research and analysis are crucial. Understanding team dynamics, player forms, and other factors can help.
  1. Do red cards affect the ‘Over 1.5’ market?
  • They can, as a team with fewer players might defend more, reducing the chance of goals.
  1. How do bookmakers determine the odds for ‘Over 1.5’?
  • Bookmakers use algorithms, historical data, and current team statistics.
  1. Can the odds for ‘Over 1.5’ change after I’ve placed my bet?
  • Your bet will be locked in at the odds when you placed it, but live odds can change during a match.
  1. Is there a maximum amount I can win with an ‘Over 1.5’ bet?
  • Betting platforms have payout limits, which you should check in their terms and conditions.
  1. What happens if a game is abandoned or postponed?
  • Typically, bets are voided and stakes returned. However, it’s best to check SportyBet’s specific rules.
  1. Can I place ‘Over 1.5’ bets on lower league games or only top leagues?
  • Most platforms offer this market across a wide range of leagues, not just the top ones.
  1. Are there mobile apps that alert me when a game has over 1.5 goals?
  • Yes, there are various sports alert apps that can notify users of goals or match events.
  1. Can I place an ‘Over 1.5’ bet on tournament outcomes, like total goals in a World Cup?
  • Yes, many bookies offer Over/Under markets for entire tournaments.
  1. Is ‘Over 1.5’ betting available for sports other than soccer?
  • Yes, it’s available in various forms across different sports, such as points in basketball.
  1. How popular is ‘Over 1.5’ compared to other Over/Under bets?
  • It’s among the more popular ones due to its relatively higher chances of winning.
  1. Do betting experts usually advise betting on ‘Over 1.5’?
  • Advice varies, but many suggest it for games with two attacking teams.
  1. What’s the riskiest thing about ‘Over 1.5’ bets?
  • Low-scoring games, often due to unexpected events like red cards or key player injuries, can make the bet lose.
  1. How do I know which games are best for ‘Over 1.5’ betting?
  • Use stats websites to identify high-scoring teams or those with leaky defenses.
  1. Are there leagues known for regular ‘Over 1.5’ outcomes?
  • Some leagues have higher average goals per game, making them prime candidates.
  1. Is it more profitable to bet on ‘Over 2.5’ instead?
  • While potential returns are higher, there’s also increased risk.
  1. Can I hedge my ‘Over 1.5’ bet?
  • Yes, by placing another bet on ‘Under 1.5’ with a different bookmaker or using live betting.
  1. Is live betting better for ‘Over 1.5’ markets?
  • Live betting allows you to judge the game’s flow, potentially giving a better insight.
  1. How early are ‘Over 1.5’ markets available before a match?
  • Most bookies provide them days or even weeks in advance.
  1. Do all bookmakers offer ‘Over 1.5’ markets?
  • Most major bookmakers do, but it’s always good to check.
  1. Can I use bonuses or promotions for my ‘Over 1.5’ bets on SportyBet?
  • Depending on the terms of the promotion or bonus, you might be able to use them for such bets. Always read the terms and conditions.

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