If I Flex the Slip and still all the Teams Win, I Get the Full Amount or the Flex Amount?

Sportybet will pay you your full amount if no event on your flexed bet slip is postponed, canceled, or suspended.

In other words, Should all the events on your adaptable betting slip proceed without cancellation, postponement, or suspension, and each of your choices proves victorious, you are entitled to receive a payout that includes both your original stake and the earnings from the bet.

Note: If you select the Flexi bet option, be aware that if any pick in a Flexible Bet is voided or cancelled, that pick will be treated as a loss when calculating the winnings from the Flexible Bet.

What Happens When You Lose One Game In Sportybet?

Sportybet will pay you if you flexed your ticket by one. What that means is that if one game loses and the rest win, you get paid.

For example, flexing 9 out of 10 means if 9 are correct and you fail to get one of the 10 games, we still pay you for the other 9 that came through.

If One Game Cut Your Ticket in SportyBet, Will they Pay?

You will get paid on SPORTYBET even when a game spoils your bet. They are ready to pay you, even when one team spoils your bet.

Difference between Flexible and One Cut in SportyBet Flexible Betting

The concept of “1 Cut” in SportyBet is a key feature of their Flexible betting option. It means that if just one incorrect prediction (referred to as a ‘cut’) happens in your bet, you’re still rewarded for any other correct predictions you made.

Understanding Flexible Betting in SportyBet

SportyBet’s Flexible betting is essentially their user-friendly version of System Bets. System Bets, although common in betting, can be complex to understand.

To make it easier, SportyBet introduced Flexible betting, which allows users to engage in System Bets, possibly without fully understanding the mechanics behind them.

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Exploring System Bets

At its core, a System Bet allows you to combine multiple predictions in a structured manner. The structure of these combinations varies, such as:

  • System 2/3 Bet: Win by getting 2 out of 3 predictions right. If one prediction fails (‘cuts your ticket’), you still win. This is what SportyBet refers to as a ‘1 cut’.
  • System 2/4 Bet: Here, winning 2 out of 4 predictions earns you a win. Even with two incorrect predictions, you’re compensated for the two you got right. SportyBet’s Flexible option includes this type of bet.
  • System 2/5 Bet: Winning requires 2 correct predictions out of 5. While SportyBet might not offer intricate options like this, other bookmakers do.
  • System 3/5 Bet: This requires 3 correct predictions out of 5, known in SportyBet as a ‘2 cut’.
  • System 3/6 Bet: By now, the pattern should be clear.

In a System bet A/B, “A” represents the minimum number of bets you must win to avoid a total loss, and “B” is the total number of predictions in that system.

In summary, SportyBet’s Flexible option is a streamlined approach to engaging in System Bets, designed to simplify the betting process. While the specifics of payout calculations are beyond the scope of this explanation, it’s important to know that these calculations can become complex with more selections, which is why SportyBet and other bookmakers opt to simplify this system.

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