What is Booking Point in Sportybet? [SEE HERE]

In the dynamic realm of sports betting, the myriad of bet types and markets available can sometimes be overwhelming, especially for newcomers. SportyBet, a leader in the betting industry, offers a vast array of options for bettors.

One market that often intrigues users is the ‘Booking Points’ market. In this article, we aim to demystify this market, breaking down its essence and implications.

Booking Points: The Basics

In football (soccer) and several other team sports, players can be shown yellow or red cards for various infractions, from tactical fouls to unsporting behavior.

The ‘Booking Points’ market is a bet type that revolves around these card decisions during a match.

How Booking Points are Calculated

SportyBet, like many bookmakers, assigns points to yellow and red cards as follows:

  • Yellow Card: 10 points
  • Red Card: 25 points
  • Two Yellow Cards leading to a Red Card: 35 points (10 for the initial yellow, another 10 for the second yellow, and 25 for the consequent red card)

Using these values, the total booking points in a match are calculated by summing up the points for every card shown.

Typical Booking Points Bets

Bettors can engage with the Booking Points market in various ways:

  1. Under/Over Bets: Predicting if the total booking points will be under or over a specified number.
  2. Specific Team Booking Points: Wagering on how many booking points a specific team will accumulate.
  3. Exact Booking Points: Predicting the exact total booking points for a match, a more challenging bet with higher potential rewards.

Strategies for Booking Points Bets

  1. Team Temperament: Teams known for aggressive play or with histories of receiving many cards might be good candidates for high booking points bets.
  2. The Stakes of the Match: High-stake matches, like finals or decisive league games, might see more intense play, potentially leading to more bookings.
  3. Referee’s Reputation: Some referees might be known for brandishing cards more frequently than others. Researching the appointed referee’s history can be insightful.
  4. Player Match-ups: Personal rivalries or match-ups where skill disparities might lead to tactical fouls can influence card decisions.

Why the Booking Points Market is Appealing

  1. Diversity: The market adds another dimension to match analysis, focusing on team discipline instead of just goals or match outcomes.
  2. Unpredictability: Even matches that seem one-sided in terms of skills can be unpredictable in terms of bookings, making for an exciting betting avenue.
  3. Research-Driven: Those who invest time in understanding team behaviors, referee tendencies, and player histories can potentially leverage their knowledge in this market.

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What is Booking Point in Sportybet


The Booking Points market on SportyBet offers a unique and thrilling dimension to sports betting, centering on the discipline and decisions of teams and players.

As always, while research and strategy can guide bets, outcomes in sports are inherently unpredictable. Engaging with the Booking Points market, like all betting, should be done responsibly.

1. What are Booking Points on SportyBet? Answer: Booking Points refer to a bet type on SportyBet where points are assigned to yellow and red cards shown during a match, and bettors predict the accumulation of these points.

2. How many points are assigned for a Yellow Card? Answer: A Yellow Card is typically assigned 10 points.

3. And for a Red Card? Answer: A Red Card is typically assigned 25 points.

4. If a player gets two yellow cards and consequently a red card, how is it calculated? Answer: Two yellow cards leading to a red card are assigned a total of 35 points (10 for each yellow + 25 for the red).

5. Can I bet on a specific team’s total Booking Points on SportyBet? Answer: Yes, SportyBet often allows bettors to predict the total booking points a specific team will accumulate in a match.

6. What factors can influence Booking Points in a match? Answer: Factors can include team temperament, the stakes of the match, the referee’s tendencies, player rivalries, and game dynamics.

7. Is the Booking Points market exclusive to football on SportyBet? Answer: While most commonly associated with football, Booking Points markets can be available for other sports depending on SportyBet’s offerings.

8. How are winnings determined in the Booking Points market? Answer: Winnings are determined by the odds provided for specific outcomes in the Booking Points market, multiplied by the stake, if the prediction is correct.

9. Can I combine Booking Points bets with other bet types in an accumulator? Answer: Yes, you can often combine Booking Points predictions with other bet markets to create an accumulator on SportyBet.

10. Do Booking Points include cards shown to coaches or team staff? Answer: No, Booking Points typically only account for cards shown to players on the field.

11. What happens to my bet if a card is shown after the final whistle? Answer: Most bookmakers, including SportyBet, count cards shown during the match’s regulation time. Cards shown post-match often don’t count, but always refer to the platform’s official rules.

12. Are Booking Points bets available for live betting on SportyBet? Answer: Yes, SportyBet typically offers Booking Points markets for live (in-play) betting, but availability might vary based on the match.

13. How can I increase my chances of winning a Booking Points bet? Answer: Bettors can research team histories, player tendencies, referee records, and game context to make more informed decisions in the Booking Points market.

14. Do red cards shown due to VAR decisions count in Booking Points? Answer: Yes, cards resulting from VAR (Video Assistant Referee) decisions typically count in Booking Points calculations.

15. Can I cash out early on a Booking Points bet on SportyBet? Answer: If the cash-out option is available for the specific match and the outcome isn’t already determined, you can use the cash-out feature.

16. How do I find Booking Points markets for a particular match on SportyBet? Answer: After selecting a match on SportyBet, navigate to available markets to find the ‘Booking Points’ or related section.

17. Why are odds different for over and under predictions in Booking Points? Answer: Odds are determined based on various factors, including team histories and the perceived likelihood of a specific outcome. They can differ for over and under predictions based on these evaluations.

18. What happens to my Booking Points bet if a match is postponed or abandoned on SportyBet? Answer: Typically, if a match is postponed or abandoned, the bet might be voided and the stake returned. However, always refer to SportyBet’s official rules.

19. Can I bet on the first card or first booking of the match? Answer: Yes, some platforms, including SportyBet, may offer markets where you can predict which team will receive the first card or the timing of the first booking.

20. How are Booking Points settled if there’s a dispute over a card decision? Answer: Bookmakers, including SportyBet, generally rely on the official match reports and governing bodies for settling bets. If there’s a dispute, the official decision will likely be the final reference.

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