What does Combination Mean in Betking? [LEARN MORE]

BetKing, like many other sports betting platforms, offers a myriad of betting options to enhance user experience and increase the potential for wins.

Among these options is the concept of a “Combination Bet.”

This betting method can seem intricate at first glance, but once understood, it can be a beneficial tool in a bettor’s arsenal.

What is a Combination Bet in BetKing?

A Combination Bet on BetKing allows you to combine multiple bet selections into a single bet slip.

Rather than placing individual bets on each event, which would require each of them to be correct to win, a combination bet breaks down your selections into all possible individual bets.

Benefits of Combination Bets

  1. Higher Winning Potential: Combination bets can increase potential returns since the odds of each individual selection multiply.
  2. Flexibility: You’re not relying on all your selections to be correct. Depending on the number of selections and the type of combination, you can still get returns even if some of your picks are wrong.
  3. Risk Distribution: Instead of placing all your stake on one outcome, you distribute the risk across multiple outcomes.

How Combination Bets Work

Suppose you select three different matches with the intention of betting on their outcomes. Individually, these are referred to as single bets. If you opt for a combination bet:

  • You’ll have three singles.
  • Three possible double bets (two combinations of your three selections).
  • One treble bet (a bet containing all three of your selections).

So, if you stake $1 on this combination, it will cost you $7 in total ($1 for each of the seven possible combinations).

Remember, not all of your selections need to be correct in combination bets. For instance, even if only two of your three picks are right, you would still win on two of the doubles.

Key Points to Consider

  1. Stake Wisely: Because your stake is multiplied by the number of combinations, be careful with the amount you choose to bet.
  2. Understand the Odds: Combination bets can provide great returns, but it’s essential to understand how odds work and the potential payout.
  3. Research is Crucial: As with all betting, doing your research and understanding the teams or events you’re betting on can increase your chances of making successful predictions.

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What does Combination Mean in Betking


Combination bets on BetKing offer a more flexible approach to betting, allowing users to potentially win big while also hedging against the risk of one or more incorrect selections.

As with any form of gambling, it’s crucial to bet responsibly and understand the system thoroughly before diving in.

1. Q: What is a combination bet on BetKing? A: A combination bet allows you to combine multiple selections into a single bet, breaking down your selections into all possible individual bets.

2. Q: How does the payout for combination bets work? A: The payout is determined by the combined odds of your selections and the stake for each individual combination.

3. Q: How many selections can I combine in a combination bet on BetKing? A: This can vary, but most platforms, including BetKing, allow for a significant number of selections.

4. Q: Can I mix different sports in a combination bet? A: Yes, you can mix different sports in a single combination bet.

5. Q: Do all my selections have to win for me to get a payout? A: No, depending on the number of selections and the type of combination, you can still get returns even if some of your picks are wrong.

6. Q: How do I place a combination bet on BetKing? A: After adding multiple selections to your bet slip, choose the combination bet option before confirming your stake.

7. Q: Is the combination bet the same as an accumulator bet? A: While similar, they’re different. An accumulator requires all selections to win, while a combination bet breaks down selections into individual bets.

8. Q: Can I use bonus funds for combination bets on BetKing? A: This would depend on BetKing’s bonus terms. Check their policies or contact their support for clarity.

9. Q: Are combination bets riskier than single bets? A: They can be, as you’re staking on multiple outcomes, but they also offer a chance for higher returns and spread the risk.

10. Q: What’s the maximum payout for combination bets on BetKing? A: The maximum payout would depend on BetKing’s policies and the combined odds of your selections.

11. Q: Can I cash out early on a combination bet? A: Yes, if BetKing offers the cash-out feature, you can cash out before all events in your combination have concluded.

12. Q: Do combination bets count towards wagering requirements for bonuses? A: Typically, they do, but always check BetKing’s specific bonus terms and conditions.

13. Q: Why can’t I place a combination bet on some events? A: Some events or markets might be excluded from combination betting due to various reasons like low odds or high-risk factors.

14. Q: Can I edit my combination bet after placing it? A: Generally, once a bet is placed, it can’t be edited. However, always check BetKing’s specific policies.

15. Q: Is the potential return displayed when I place the bet? A: Yes, potential returns are typically shown on your bet slip before confirming the bet.

16. Q: How is the total stake calculated for combination bets? A: It’s the sum of stakes for all possible combinations of your selections.

17. Q: Can I combine live events with pre-match events? A: Most platforms, including BetKing, allow this, but always check the specific terms of the bet type.

18. Q: What happens if one selection is voided in my combination bet? A: Typically, the voided selection is removed, and the combination bet adjusts accordingly.

19. Q: Can I place combination bets on BetKing’s mobile app? A: Yes, BetKing’s mobile app supports combination betting.

20. Q: Are there any special promotions for combination bets on BetKing? A: BetKing occasionally offers promotions, which might include enhanced odds or bonuses for combination bets.

21. Q: Can I set a betting limit specifically for combination bets? A: Betting limits are generally set for the account, not specifically for bet types. Check BetKing’s platform for more details.

22. Q: How do combination bet odds compare to single bet odds? A: Combination bet odds are the product of individual selection odds, leading to higher potential returns.

23. Q: Why did my potential payout change after placing the combination bet? A: Odds can fluctuate, especially in live betting. Ensure you confirm bets only after verifying the current odds.

24. Q: Are there any sports that are best suited for combination bets? A: While combination bets can be placed on any sport, they’re popular in football due to the numerous matches and markets available.

25. Q: Can I use the BetKing cash out feature on combination bets? A: Yes, if the cash-out feature is available for your selections, you can use it for combination bets.

26. Q: How are returns calculated if one of my selections is postponed? A: Typically, postponed events are treated as void in combination bets, and potential returns are recalculated without that selection.

27. Q: Can I use combination bets with system bets on BetKing? A: System bets are a form of combination betting. Check BetKing’s platform for the available options.

28. Q: Are there minimum odds for selections in combination bets? A: There might be minimum odds requirements for certain promotions, but generally, you can combine any odds in combination bets.

29. Q: Can I combine outright winner markets with match result markets? A: Yes, different markets can typically be combined in a combination bet.

30. Q: What happens if there’s a discrepancy in the results of one of my selections? A: Always refer to BetKing’s terms and conditions and their decision in such matters.

31. Q: Can I view past combination bets on BetKing? A: Yes, your betting history can be accessed from your BetKing account dashboard.

32. Q: How do I know the total number of combinations in my bet? A: The bet slip will show the total number of combinations and the corresponding stake for each.

33. Q: Is there a quick way to place combination bets on BetKing? A: BetKing’s platform might have features to quickly select and place combination bets. Always refer to their user guide or help section.

34. Q: Can I include “Draw No Bet” options in my combination? A: Yes, most market types, including “Draw No Bet,” can be added to combination bets.

35. Q: Are there any hidden fees for placing combination bets? A: No, there shouldn’t be any hidden fees. The stake you see on your bet slip is what you’ll be charged.

36. Q: How does BetKing handle combination bets during major tournaments? A: Major tournaments might have specific rules or offers related to combination betting. It’s best to refer to BetKing’s promotions or announcements during such times.

37. Q: What’s the difference between a “Patent” and a regular combination bet? A: A “Patent” is a specific type of combination bet consisting of seven bets across three selections. It’s one of the many combination bet variants.

38. Q: Can I share my combination bet slip with friends on BetKing? A: Many platforms allow sharing of bet slips, but always check BetKing’s specific features and terms.

39. Q: Does BetKing offer tutorials on how to place combination bets? A: BetKing may offer guides, FAQs, or tutorials on their platform or via their customer support.

40. Q: Is there a maximum number of selections I can add to a combination bet on BetKing? A: While there may be a practical limit based on odds and potential payout, always check BetKing’s terms for specific limits.

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