What does Handicap Mean in Betking?

Handicap betting, sometimes referred to as spread betting or line betting, is a way to make a sports contest more even from a betting perspective, giving each side a “handicap.”

This type of betting is popular in points-based sports like football, rugby, and basketball.

Let’s dive into the concept of handicap betting on BetKing and explore what it means for bettors.

Handicap Betting Explained

At its core, handicap betting involves giving one of the teams (usually the underdog) a virtual advantage or disadvantage.

This leveling of the playing field allows bettors to have a broader range of betting options, especially in matches where there’s a clear favorite.

Types of Handicap Betting

  1. Level Handicap: Both teams are perceived to have an equal chance of winning. No handicap advantage is given.
  2. Single Handicap: When there’s a perceived difference in abilities between two teams, one team is given a handicap. For instance, if you bet on a team with a -1 handicap, they need to win by more than one goal for your bet to be successful.
  3. Split Handicap: When the perceived difference between the two teams is minimal, you might encounter a situation where your stake is split over two handicaps. For example, if you place a bet on a team with a 0 & -0.5 handicap, half your stake would be on the 0 handicap and the other half on the -0.5 handicap.

Why Bet with Handicaps on BetKing?

  1. Enhanced Odds: With handicap betting, odds can be more attractive than standard match betting, especially if you have a strong feeling that the underdog will perform well or that the favorite will dominate.
  2. More Options: Handicaps provide a greater range of betting scenarios. You can bet on a team to win, lose, or draw with various handicap adjustments.
  3. Engaging for Close Matches: For matches where teams are evenly matched, a level handicap can provide more excitement and betting intrigue.

Understanding the Numbers

In handicap betting on BetKing, a positive number gives a team a head start.

For instance, a +2 handicap means that team starts with a virtual 2-point lead. Conversely, a negative number suggests a disadvantage.

A team with a -2 handicap would need to win by more than 2 points for a bet on them to pay out.

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What does Handicap Mean in Betking


Handicap betting on BetKing offers an opportunity to increase the excitement of a match and can be a way to find value in odds, especially in matches with clear favorites.

As with all forms of betting, understanding the rules and doing your research will be crucial to making informed decisions.

If you’re new to handicap betting, start with smaller bets until you get the hang of the strategy and dynamics involved.

  1. What is handicap betting in BetKing?
    • Handicap betting levels the playing field between teams of different perceived strengths by giving a virtual advantage or disadvantage to one of the teams.
  2. Is handicap betting exclusive to BetKing?
    • No, handicap betting is a popular form of betting available on many sports betting platforms.
  3. Why would I choose to bet with a handicap?
    • Handicap betting can provide more attractive odds and a greater range of betting options, especially in matches with a clear favorite.
  4. What’s a level handicap?
    • A level handicap occurs when both teams are seen as having an equal chance of winning, and no advantage is given.
  5. How does a single handicap work?
    • One team gets a specific number of goals or points advantage or disadvantage. For instance, if Team A has a -1 handicap, they must win by more than one goal for a bet on them to win.
  6. What is a split handicap?
    • This is when the perceived difference between teams is small, so your stake splits over two handicaps.
  7. What do positive and negative numbers mean in handicap betting?
    • A positive number gives a team a virtual advantage, and a negative number indicates a disadvantage.
  8. Can I bet on both teams in a handicap match on BetKing?
    • Yes, you can place separate bets on both teams, but each bet would be independent of the other.
  9. Do draws exist in handicap betting?
    • It depends on the handicap. If a match ends in a draw, and you bet on a team with a 0 handicap, your stake is refunded.
  10. Is handicap betting available for all sports on BetKing?
  • While most common in sports like football and basketball, it’s not available for all sports. Check BetKing’s guidelines for specifics.
  1. How are the handicaps determined?
  • Bookmakers set handicaps based on teams’ perceived strengths and recent performance.
  1. Are the odds higher in handicap betting?
  • Often, yes. Handicap betting can offer more attractive odds than standard match betting.
  1. What happens if a team overcomes their handicap?
  • If you bet on that team, your bet would win.
  1. Can I combine handicap bets with other types of bets?
  • Yes, many bettors incorporate handicap bets into accumulators or parlays.
  1. Is handicap the same as spread betting?
  • They’re similar concepts, but there can be subtle differences depending on the platform and region.
  1. Do I get a refund if the match is postponed or cancelled?
  • Typically, yes. Most bookmakers, including BetKing, will refund bets if a match doesn’t take place.
  1. Is handicap betting riskier?
  • All betting involves risk, but handicap betting requires a deep understanding of teams and their potential performance.
  1. How do I study for handicap betting?
  • Research teams, recent performances, injuries, and other factors that might influence the match outcome.
  1. Do handicap bets apply to live or in-play betting on BetKing?
  • Yes, BetKing offers in-play handicap betting options for certain matches.
  1. Can I cash out early on a handicap bet?
  • It depends on BetKing’s terms and conditions at the time, but typically cash-outs are available.
  1. Why do some matches have multiple handicap options?
  • Bookmakers offer different handicap scenarios to provide a range of betting options to users.
  1. How are winnings calculated in handicap betting?
  • Winnings are calculated based on the odds offered at the time the bet was placed, taking the handicap into account.
  1. What’s the difference between European and Asian Handicap?
  • European handicap includes draw options, while Asian handicap removes the draw, refunding bets if a match ends level after the handicap is applied.
  1. Is there a maximum amount I can bet on handicap matches on BetKing?
  • Bet limits vary by match and event. Check BetKing’s terms for specifics.
  1. Can I change my handicap bet after placing it?
  • Once a bet is placed, it usually can’t be changed. However, you might be able to cash out depending on the situation.
  1. What happens if I win a handicap bet?
  • Winnings are credited to your BetKing account, and you can choose to withdraw or place further bets.
  1. Are there specific strategies for handicap betting?
  • Yes, many bettors use strategies based on team analysis, statistics, and recent form.
  1. Why can’t I see the handicap option for a specific match?
  • Not all matches have handicap betting options. Availability depends on BetKing’s assessment of the match.
  1. Can I place handicap bets on mobile?
  • Yes, BetKing’s mobile platform supports handicap betting.
  1. How does overtime affect handicap betting?
  • Most handicap bets are settled at the end of regular time unless otherwise specified.
  1. Why are the odds constantly changing in live handicap betting?
  • Odds change in real-time based on the match’s progress and other influencing factors.
  1. Can I use bonus credits for handicap betting on BetKing?
  • This depends on the terms and conditions of the bonus. Check with BetKing’s guidelines.
  1. What happens if a team draws with the handicap considered?
  • In European handicap, you could win if you bet on a draw. In Asian handicap, you’d typically get a refund.
  1. Do all bookmakers use the same handicaps?
  • No, handicaps can vary between bookmakers based on their analysis.
  1. What’s the most common handicap in football betting?
  • -1 or +1 is common, but it varies depending on the teams involved.
  1. Can I request custom handicaps on BetKing?
  • No, bettors must choose from the handicaps provided.
  1. Is there a way to track my handicap betting history on BetKing?
  • Yes, you can view your betting history in your BetKing account.
  1. Are there limits on how much I can win with handicap betting?
  • Win limits are set by BetKing’s terms and conditions and may vary by match or event.
  1. How do red cards affect handicap bets?
  • A red card can significantly impact a team’s performance, potentially influencing the outcome of a handicap bet.
  1. Can I combine different sports in one handicap accumulator?
  • Yes, as long as BetKing offers handicap options for those sports, they can be combined in an accumulator.

Always remember to gamble responsibly and understand the terms and conditions of any bet you place.

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