What does Void Mean in Betking?

Betting can sometimes seem like a labyrinth of terms and conditions, especially for newcomers. One term that may pop up on occasion is “void.”

On BetKing, as on many other betting platforms, this term holds significant importance. Here’s a breakdown of what “void” means and its implications for bettors.

What Does “Void” Mean?

In the context of betting on BetKing, when a bet or a selection within a bet is declared “void,” it means that the bet doesn’t count. Simply put, the bet is nullified, and it’s as though it was never placed.

Why Would a Bet Be Voided?

There are various scenarios in which a bet could be rendered void:

  1. Event Cancellation: If a sporting event you’ve bet on is canceled and not rescheduled, your bet might be voided.
  2. Postponement: Similar to cancellations, if an event is postponed and rescheduled to a date much later than the original one, the bet might be declared void.
  3. Participant Withdrawal: If you place a bet on a tennis player to win a match, and they withdraw or are disqualified, your bet may be voided.
  4. Mistakes in Odds: Occasionally, bookmakers might list incorrect odds due to human error or system glitches. If you place a bet using these odds, it may be voided once the error is recognized.
  5. Rules Violation: If the terms and conditions or specific rules for a bet type are violated, the bet could be voided.

Implications of a Void Bet:

  1. Stake Refund: When a bet is declared void, the amount you wagered is returned to you. You neither win nor lose.
  2. Accumulator Bets: In accumulator bets or multiples, if one of your selections is voided, it’s simply removed from the accumulator. The potential returns would then be adjusted based on the remaining selections.
  3. No Impact on Bonus Bets: If you used a bonus bet and the bet is voided, typically, the bonus is returned to your account for use on another bet.


The term “void” might initially sound daunting, but it’s essentially a protective measure in the world of betting.

It ensures fairness in unforeseen situations and ensures that bettors aren’t unduly penalized for circumstances beyond their control.

Always refer to BetKing’s official terms and conditions for a comprehensive understanding of how voided bets are treated on their platform.

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What does Void Mean in Betking

Sure! Here are 40 FAQs with answers about the term “void” in BetKing:

  1. What does “void” mean on BetKing?
    • A “void” bet means the bet doesn’t count; it is nullified, as though it was never placed.
  2. Why would my bet be declared void?
    • Bets are usually voided due to event cancellations, postponements, participant withdrawals, odds mistakes, or rules violations.
  3. Do I lose my money if my bet is voided?
    • No, when a bet is voided, the stake is returned to your account.
  4. What happens if one of my selections in an accumulator is voided?
    • The voided selection is removed, and the potential returns of the accumulator are adjusted based on the remaining selections.
  5. Will a voided bet affect my bonus?
    • Typically, if a bet made with a bonus is voided, the bonus is returned to your account for use on another bet.
  6. Can a voided bet be reversed?
    • No, once a bet is declared void, the decision is usually final.
  7. How soon is my stake refunded after my bet is voided?
    • Refunds typically happen immediately, but it may vary depending on the platform’s policies.
  8. Are void bets common on BetKing?
    • While not frequent, voided bets do happen due to various unforeseen circumstances.
  9. Do void bets affect betting statistics or history?
    • While void bets will show in your betting history, they do not affect win-loss statistics since the bet didn’t technically occur.
  10. Can I contest a voided bet on BetKing?
    • If you believe a bet was unjustly voided, you can contact BetKing’s customer service for clarification or disputes.
  11. What’s the difference between a void bet and a lost bet?
    • A void bet means the bet didn’t count and your stake is returned. A lost bet means your prediction was wrong and you lose your stake.
  12. Can I cash out on a void bet?
    • No, once a bet is declared void, all actions related to it cease, including cashing out.
  13. How will I know if my bet has been voided?
    • You’ll receive a notification or an update in your bet history on BetKing.
  14. Does BetKing offer an explanation for voided bets?
    • Generally, the reason for voiding will be stated, but you can always contact customer service for detailed explanations.
  15. Can I prevent my bets from being voided?
    • Voided bets are due to unforeseen circumstances, and thus, you can’t prevent them. However, staying updated with event details can help you make informed bets.
  16. Are odds affected after a bet is voided?
    • Voided bets don’t affect odds. However, if you place a new bet, you’ll be subject to the current odds.
  17. Are there bet types more prone to being voided?
    • While any bet can be voided, specific bets like those on individual players in tennis might be more prone to voiding due to withdrawals or injuries.
  18. How does a voided bet affect a free bet offer?
    • Typically, if a free bet is placed and the selection is voided, the free bet token is returned.
  19. Can I use the stake from a voided bet immediately?
    • Yes, once the bet is voided and the stake refunded, you can use it immediately.
  20. Does BetKing void bets on live events?
    • Yes, live bets can also be voided based on the circumstances surrounding the event.
  21. If an event is postponed but then takes place later, is my bet still voided?
    • This depends on BetKing’s policies. Some bookmakers honor the bet if the event is rescheduled within a certain timeframe, while others might void the bet.
  22. How are voided bets different from suspended bets?
    • Suspended bets are temporarily halted (e.g., during a live event when something significant happens), while voided bets are nullified entirely.
  23. Do other betting platforms also void bets?
    • Yes, voiding bets is a standard practice across many betting platforms to ensure fairness.
  24. Do void bets affect rollover requirements?
    • No, voided bets are typically excluded from rollover or wagering requirements.
  25. Can I place the same bet again if it’s been voided?
    • Yes, you can place the bet again, but it will be subject to the current odds.
  26. Are there any fees for voided bets?
    • No, there are typically no fees associated with voided bets.
  27. How does a voided bet affect multi-bets?
    • For multi-bets, if one selection is voided, the multi-bet becomes a lesser fold. E.g., a five-fold bet would become a four-fold bet.
  28. Do voided bets affect potential bonuses or promotions?
    • Generally, voided bets won’t count towards qualifying for promotions or bonuses.
  29. How does a voided bet affect my betting limit?
    • Once a bet is voided and your stake is returned, your betting limit is adjusted accordingly.
  30. Can I set an option for my bet to be voided under certain circumstances?
    • No, the decision to void a bet lies with BetKing based on specific events and policies.
  31. How do I know the difference between a void bet and a bet awaiting results?
    • Bets awaiting results will usually be labeled as “pending” or similar, while voided bets will be clearly marked as “void.”
  32. Is there a maximum amount that can be refunded from a voided bet?
    • No, the entire stake amount from the voided bet will be refunded.
  33. Do void bets affect my loyalty or reward points?
    • Points aren’t typically earned for voided bets since the bet is nullified.
  34. Are there any situations where BetKing doesn’t refund the stake for a voided bet?
    • Generally, the stake is always refunded for voided bets, but always refer to BetKing’s official policies to be sure.
  35. How does BetKing handle void bets on parlay bets?
    • For parlays, if one selection is voided, the parlay proceeds with the remaining selections and adjusted odds.
  36. Do void bets affect BetKing jackpot predictions?
    • Jackpot rules may vary, but usually, if a game in the jackpot is voided, it might be replaced or treated as a correct prediction.
  37. Is there a time limit after which voided bet stakes are forfeited if not used?
    • No, the returned stake from a voided bet remains in your account until you choose to use it.
  38. Can I withdraw the refunded stake from a voided bet?
    • Yes, once the stake is refunded, you can choose to withdraw it.
  39. **Are voided bets a result of BetKing’s decisions or external factor

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