What does X2 Mean in Bet9ja? [LEARN MORE]

Bet9ja, one of the prominent online betting platforms in Nigeria, offers a myriad of betting options for both novices and seasoned gamblers.

One such option that often piques the interest of bettors is the “X2” bet.

This article delves deep into the essence, strategy, and potential outcomes of the X2 bet in Bet9ja.

What is the X2 Bet?

In the realm of sports betting, especially in football, there are typically three main outcomes in any given match: a win for the home team, a draw, or a win for the away team.

These are commonly represented as “1” for a home win, “X” for a draw, and “2” for an away win.

The X2 bet, therefore, is a type of double chance bet where a punter can back two of the three possible outcomes of a game with a single wager.

Specifically, an X2 bet will be successful if the match ends in a draw (X) or an away win (2).

Advantages of the X2 Bet

  1. Higher Probability of Winning: Since you’re backing two outcomes rather than one, there’s a higher likelihood of your bet being successful.
  2. Safe Option for Underdogs: If you believe the away team won’t lose but aren’t confident they’ll win outright, the X2 bet offers a cushion.
  3. Great for Tactical Analysis: If you’ve analyzed that a game might be a close contest, the X2 bet offers a way to leverage that insight.

When Should You Consider the X2 Bet?

  1. Strong Away Team: If the away team has been performing well in recent games or historically performs well on the road, the X2 bet could be a strategic choice.
  2. Unreliable Home Performance: If the home team has been inconsistent or has shown vulnerabilities, it may be safer to back the away team and the draw option.
  3. Crucial Matches: In high-stakes matches where neither team would want to lose, teams often play conservatively, increasing the chances of a draw or a narrow away win.

Potential Drawbacks

  1. Lower Odds: Given that you’re covering two outcomes, the potential returns are usually lower compared to betting on a single result.
  2. Over-reliance: If used too often without strategic consideration, you might find yourself winning bets but not maximizing potential returns.

Tips for Placing an X2 Bet

  1. Research is Key: Always study the form, head-to-head stats, injuries, and other critical factors before placing your bet.
  2. Watch the Odds: The odds can provide insights. If the odds for an X2 bet are surprisingly high, there might be information you’ve missed.
  3. Diversify Your Bets: Don’t rely solely on double chance bets. While they can be safer, diversifying your betting portfolio can yield better returns in the long run.


The X2 bet in Bet9ja offers a fantastic way for bettors to mitigate risks, especially in unpredictable matches.

While it’s a safer option, it’s crucial to understand when to utilize it to optimize potential returns.

Like all bets, knowledge, research, and strategic insight go a long way in ensuring a successful betting experience.

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What does X2 Mean in Bet9ja

FAQs on the X2 Bet in Bet9ja

  1. What does X2 mean in Bet9ja?
    • The X2 bet in Bet9ja represents a double chance bet where you back either a draw (X) or an away team win (2).
  2. Is the X2 bet exclusive to football?
    • While X2 is most common in football betting, it can apply to any sport where a draw is a possible result.
  3. Why choose an X2 bet over a single outcome?
    • The X2 bet covers two outcomes, offering a higher probability of a successful bet.
  4. Are the odds for X2 bets lower than single bets?
    • Yes, since you’re covering two outcomes, the potential returns for X2 bets are generally lower.
  5. Can I combine the X2 bet with other betting options?
    • Absolutely, you can include an X2 bet in a multiple or accumulator bet.
  6. Does Bet9ja offer X2 bets for all football matches?
    • Yes, the X2 bet option is available for almost all football matches on Bet9ja.
  7. How do I place an X2 bet on Bet9ja?
    • On the betting slip, under the match of interest, you’ll see options like 1, X, 2. Simply select the X2 option to place your bet.
  8. Can I cash out early on an X2 bet?
    • If Bet9ja’s cash-out feature is available for that particular match, then yes, you can cash out early.
  9. If the match is postponed, is my X2 bet valid?
    • Typically, if a match is postponed and not played within a set timeframe, the bet is voided and your stake is returned.
  10. Are X2 bets good for major tournaments?
  • Yes, they can be especially useful for closely contested matches where both teams might play conservatively.
  1. Is there a strategy for winning with X2 bets?
  • The key is research. Analyzing team form, player injuries, and head-to-head stats can inform your betting choices.
  1. How are winnings for X2 bets calculated?
  • Winnings are calculated by multiplying your stake by the odds offered for the X2 bet.
  1. Can I place live X2 bets during a match?
  • Yes, Bet9ja offers live betting options, including the X2 bet.
  1. What happens to my X2 bet if the match goes to extra time?
  • For most competitions, the bet is settled at the end of regular time (90 minutes + injury time). Extra time doesn’t count unless specified.
  1. How does Bet9ja determine the odds for X2 bets?
  • Odds are determined by various factors including team form, injuries, historical data, and other betting dynamics.
  1. Are there similar bets to X2 in Bet9ja?
  • Yes, the 1X bet (home win or draw) and 12 bet (home win or away win) are other double chance options.
  1. Can I modify my X2 bet after placing it?
  • Once a bet is placed and confirmed on Bet9ja, you cannot modify it.
  1. Why are the odds for some X2 bets surprisingly high?
  • High odds might indicate an expected outcome contrary to the X2 prediction. Always research before betting.
  1. Is the X2 bet suitable for beginners?
  • Yes, the X2 bet is a safer option, making it suitable for beginners looking to mitigate risk.
  1. What’s the biggest win recorded with an X2 bet on Bet9ja?
  • Specific winnings are not usually disclosed by Bet9ja, but many punters have recorded significant wins using double chance bets.
  1. Can I use bonus funds to place an X2 bet on Bet9ja?
  • This depends on Bet9ja’s terms and conditions related to bonus funds at any given time.
  1. What happens to my X2 bet if a game is abandoned?
  • Usually, if a game is abandoned, the bet will be voided, and your stake returned.
  1. Can I place an X2 bet on a mobile device?
  • Yes, Bet9ja’s mobile platform supports all betting options, including X2.
  1. How do I check the result of my X2 bet?
  • Log into your Bet9ja account, navigate to ‘My Bets’. You’ll see a list of your bets and their outcomes.
  1. Do X2 bets apply to other sports like basketball or tennis?
  • While X2 is most common in football, it can apply to any sport where a draw is a possible outcome, like basketball. However, it’s not applicable to tennis as tennis matches do not have draw outcomes.
  1. How do promotions or bonuses affect my X2 bet winnings?
  • Any promotions or bonuses might have specific terms and conditions. Always check Bet9ja’s current offers to understand their implications.
  1. Are X2 bets available for lower league games?
  • Yes, Bet9ja offers X2 betting options for various leagues, including lower-tier leagues.
  1. How do I know if my X2 bet was successful?
  • Once the match concludes, Bet9ja will update bet outcomes. You can check the ‘My Bets’ section for results.
  1. Do X2 bets have a maximum stake?
  • Bet9ja might have betting limits based on the match or league, but these vary.
  1. What happens if I mistakenly place an X2 bet?
  • Once a bet is confirmed, it can’t be changed or canceled.
  1. Do I pay tax on winnings from my X2 bets in Bet9ja?
  • Tax regulations vary by country. It’s best to consult local regulations or a financial advisor.
  1. How long does it take for X2 bet winnings to reflect in my Bet9ja account?
  • Winnings are typically updated shortly after the conclusion of the match.
  1. Can I place an X2 bet on friendly matches?
  • Yes, as long as Bet9ja offers markets for that friendly match, you can place an X2 bet.
  1. Is the X2 bet available for virtual football on Bet9ja?
  • Yes, you can place X2 bets on virtual football matches offered by Bet9ja.
  1. Can I set a default stake for my X2 bets?
  • Bet9ja doesn’t allow setting default stakes; you’ll need to input your stake for each bet manually.
  1. Can I combine multiple X2 bets on a single slip?
  • Yes, you can combine multiple selections, including X2 bets, in accumulators.
  1. Why might an X2 bet option be unavailable for a particular match?
  • Bet9ja might occasionally restrict certain betting options based on various factors, including information updates, match dynamics, or technical issues.
  1. Can I place an X2 bet on halftime results?
  • Yes, Bet9ja offers halftime betting options, including halftime X2 bets.
  1. How reliable are X2 bets compared to other betting options?
  • The X2 bet offers a higher probability of winning since it covers two outcomes, but it typically comes with lower odds.
  1. Is there a deadline for placing an X2 bet before a match?
  • As long as the match hasn’t started, you can place an X2 bet. However, once the match begins, pre-match betting options close, and live betting options open.

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